Battery Cycle Count Lenovo

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Battery Cycling Counts

It is important to know the battery’s lifespan in order to properly maintain a laptop. Laptops typically have 60% of their batteries have only 3 or 4 charge cycles, while others have 10’s of millions.

What is the Lenovo Lenovate?

Lenovo isn’t a traditional retailer, but rather an expandable technology company. Lenovo has found success in companies such as the Pentagon and NASA. They have recently decided to branch out into the private sector with their own computer hardware.

Features of the Lenovo LENOVO TAB4 10

Lenovo’s recently launched Lenovo TAB4 10 features a brilliant 2,880-by-1,800 pixel display. With the tablet weighing just 340 grams, the designers included a slimmed-down camera and magnesium alloy frame. The powerful rugged processor allows for seamless 4K video editing or gaming. It can even run multiple apps from the dock or screen at the same time!

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Is it Worth Buying?

This really depends on what you need. If you are purchasing a laptop for college, it’s not worth buying a high cycle count battery pack. Being that our computers and devices use such a small amount of power, it may be more efficient to use a higher cycle count if you work in an office setting where your machine will remain off throughout the day.

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