Battery Does Not Match Oneplus 3t

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A battery doesn’t match the oneplus 3t

The oneplus 3t’s battery is not what a customer ordered when they purchased this phone. They ordered an UPPPOP0600078338 oneplus 3T 5200mAh battery, but the phone came with a DELLAP6720 5200mAh battery instead. This led customers to contacting OnePlus about the issue, after which OnePlus recalled the faulty battery and provided customers with $15 worth of credit for the inconvenience caused.

A battery doesn’t match the OnePlus 3T for reasons unknown, meaning that it doesn’t last as long as it should.

The battery of the oneplus 3t cannot keep up with all the devices a person might need it to power from charging. However, since the two devices have different battery capacities, this can be rectified by matching the devices packs.

Buying a new battery

When buying a new battery for a OnePlus 3t, it is important that the user identifies the model of their phone. The user will get a couple other options to purchase the correct cell they need. There are three versions on Amazon- 6500mAh, 3300mAh and 2900mAh batteries.

For a new battery to completely replace the old one, look under the hood of your car. Open up the hood and take the clamp off that attaches it to the motor. Loosen all screws on that clamp, and then put your new battery where you want it. Do your best to connect all the wires to the corresponding screw terminals. Close up that big hole with the screwdriver and tighten down those screws so that nothing goes wrong.

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In most cases, the problem is that the battery does not match the motorocrone. This means that when you buy a new phone, it comes with a brand new battery that was made for that model. However, like phones, laptops tend to have warranties. Most warranties usually cover problems where the battery doesn’t align correctly with the laptop and easily fixes this issue. Some manufacturers will replace certain parts of your laptop if there is a problem or issue such as this and overall the warranty gets you back on track before any major damage occurs in an effort to protect their product.


OnePlus 3T batteries do not match the capacity with the oneplus 3 either, which explains why the battery of Oneplus 3 lacks in power, when compared to that of the oneplus 3t.

The battery does not match up to the oneplus 3t, which is why it doesn’t last as long. This is three hours less for a fully charge but Amazon extended their return policy since this isn’t a hot item right now.

There are a lot of people who bought a OnePlus 3T for around $439 because it is a great phone and gets the job done well. Unfortunately, it does not come with a battery of equal or higher quality. The company did not care much about the battery life on their new phone and hoped customers would never notice how fast the battery died. It really could have had better quality as people are leaving bad reviews and complaining about constantly having to charge more phones

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