Battery Gst Rate And Hsn Code

There are many competing explanations out there as to the origin of the battery gst rate and HSN code and they include time, location, social networks, natural resources and the advancement of automotive technologies.

What is the current gst rate for battery in India?

On the current date, the gst rate for battery in India is 30%. This means that you will pay Nine Rupees for a battery pack. Standard battery auto is priced at five hundred rupees so only one third of the worth of t he product that you’re purchasing is being converted into goods.

If a shop charges Rs. 94 for every pack of battery they sell, they’ll end up paying Rs. 4498 in GST on that sale. The current GST rate is 12%.

The current gst rate for battery in India is 20%.

What is the HRD code for battery?

If you’re interested in finding the tax and duty bands for your zero carbon battery, you can use the HSN code from Global Standards Number.

The HRD code for battery is found on a sticker near the battery. This code is used to match up batteries to specific products.

The HRD code for battery is 9620. This particular coding system is an advanced identification program related to cell and battery manufacturing in the country or region this device will be sold.

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How do I use my HRD code to buy a battery?

HRD codes allow you to use your HSN and purchase batteries online or from a local store. Before buying your battery, make sure you look at the cost of the battery’s replacement. Sometimes, it is much cheaper to replace them instead of charging them. After you buy your new battery, follow the instructions on how to put it in.

In order to buy a new battery for your HHR, use the HRD code located on the sticker on the ESC. Make sure you have the correct month and year before searching

The federal government has passed a law that mandates that battery prices cannot exceed $75 per kilowatt hour after the 2020 model year. If you don’t have your HRD code, you can request it from your dealer or manufacturer. They will find the necessary information from your health insurance company. Just make sure to do the math before you buy your battery!

How do I track the status of my purchase through

This question is related to the HSN transactions. HPBS is a compilation of ham radio operators’ primary interest areas

HSN uses a unique number on the back of your SIM card to track the status of your purchase. If you made an online order, then the number is 13-7272.
If you haven’t received your item, please contact customer service in HSN-C: to inquire about the tracking status.
If you have a claim against the subsequent transaction, that number may also be used for expired claims and returns.

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To track the status of your purchase, you’ll need the manufacturing barcode which is unique to every product. The barcode has a box at the end that states product type. For example, 473070359356 would be a product from HSN. To retrieve the status of your order, you will need that product number along with your hsn code which can be found on receipt email or hsn website.


Consumers can realize savings when shopping for goods thanks to various aspects of the GST such as the battery gst rate and HSN code. The availability of more cutting-edge electronic goods are reducing the amount spent on these goods in physical stores, meaning consumers are saving money by buying online. Consumers must always be careful with some of their purchases, citing legal reasons such as taxes, duties and other fees.

The final conclusion of this blog is that this new GST rate, if implemented properly, will serve as a great incentive to reduce our carbon footprint.

If a large beach ball was to fall from the ceiling, would you have time to react if it did? Would you then realize your battery was almost empty? If so, how much time do you estimate before the battery is empty?

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