Battery Icon Not Showing In Taskbar Windows 10

Battery icons not showing in the taskbar? Did you install a new program or update and now your battery is no longer being seen as your mouse cursor is all around the screen? This article goes over three different solutions to try.

How to fix windows 10 battery icon not showing in taskbar

This is happening because when the taskbar is active, your battery icon changes to 4 bars rather than 5 or 6. To fix this issue, click on the action center icon that’s circled in the picture below.

Sometimes when you plug in a cord for your device or computer, your battery icon doesn’t pop up on the taskbar. There are several different causes for this problem. The most common cause is an app that has been installed into the taskbar area. If possible, uninstall apps and determine which one caused this problem.

Your battery icon shows up in the taskbar of Windows 10, but sometimes it doesn’t appear. It’s not a file deletion or reinstalling that’s causing the icon to be missing. When you click on the battery icon in the notification area, you’ll see a picture of a battery on a power cord, which indicates that your laptop is connected to an external power source. If you’re wondering why and how to fix this strange problem, then this article is for you.

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Methods of fixing the battery icon

There are a couple methods for fixing the battery icon, both of which you can find on our website under “Downloads”.

The battery icon might not be showing up in your taskbar windows 10. For example, you see an error message that says “Unfortunately Windows can’t create a window of this session” or “An application has failed to start”. You should try these three methods below for fixing it. Method 2 can freeze and remove the battery icon as well.

There are many ways you can find to fix that battery icon making it show in windows 10. The easiest way is to clear your task bar, this job is completed by clicking on the bottom right of the task bar and finding Clear before turning off your computer. Another method that may be more difficult is to find a BATTERY icon under your Start Menu and right-click it with an empty mouse. There are several difficulties before you find the BATTERY icon but they will most likely help you find the icon on your desktop.


I think Microsoft should consider returning the battery icon in its task bar to the Acer manager where I can choose which app will have access to it.

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Battery icon not showing in taskbar window 10
Conclusion: The issue was resolved by performing a system update. If the problem recurs, contact windows support.

This is the first time my battery icon has not been displayed in my task bar. I’m only 20 minutes into use so don’t know yet how much this will affect my battery life, but I can say that today’s spotty wifi on campus is probably due to that very same issue.

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