Battery Icon Not Showing In Taskbar

your computer can be running so many things that it’s difficult to keep track of how much charge is remaining, especially when your PC also has some high-tech features. Often while you’re sitting in front of the monitor with a surge of energy, you notice your laptop screen telling you to plug in your device, but can’t remember where those wires came from. Fortunately there is an easy solution for this issue brought about by a recent development in technology.

What Is the Battery Icon in Windows 7?

The battery icon in Windows 7 lets users know how much battery life is left on their computer. It’s conveniently located at the bottom of the taskbar and is often white, but different colors can also be used. The usual location of this icon is in the system tray; however, it might appear in any computer window as well during certain tasks. While most users know there are four colors to choose from, that service only shows three because blue and purple aren’t spoken for yet.

There is no easy answer to what the battery icon means. The Battery Icon provides an idea of how much energy a computer has stored, but it is not as accurate as the bar on your cell phone that actually displays power. There are many theories about what the icon stands for, ranging from whether or not your computer is running adequately to when your hard drive should be recycled.

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In Windows 7, regardless of the battery state, a small icon which is white and three orange bars will show in the taskbar. In this icon, when you hover over it, the capacity left under it will be indicated. The laptop computer that displays this is Bluetooth enabled to stay in touch with your phone.

How Do I Fix the Problem of My Battery Icon Not Showing in Taskbar?

This usually happens when you have WiFi connected and your laptop battery has reached a condition where it can no longer hold the charge. Unfortunately, this is technically impossible to predict but there is still a way to recover from this situation. If you are experiencing this trouble, click on your battery icon in the taskbar, open “run” type in “devmgmt.msc,” and restore your laptop to its default factory settings so that Windows will recognize that it is plugged into an outlet.

This may mean that the battery icon is showing in the task bar, but not showing up on your screen. Sometimes it can be fixed by just restarting your computer and sometimes there’s a more technical way of fixing this problem.

Sometimes when you turn on your computer to do something, like work or play a game, there will be an icon of your battery in the taskbar. However, it seems as if no matter how much time goes by, it stays gray and empty. The gray battery not showing up in taskbar sometimes has to do with hardware limitations or software settings. Like the taskbar itself, the icon isn’t actively tracking your battery’s charge levels. Sometimes these two independent parts of your system might not be able to communicate properly and then some minor issues crop up that can sometimes lead to this specific problem. When this does happen, one of the first things you want to look for is make sure your power settings are set properly so that any important functions aren’t disrupted when inactive tasks are running.

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These are yoyo airplane batteries. The see is a problem replaced by the cute four-pointed icon in the taskbar. However, this iconic marker upon which we rely has been snuck away to leave us with no battery life, as shown above. Be careful what you trust!

However, you should always unplug your computer when it’s not in use so as to prevent any battery damage or needless drain.

One of the most frustrating things as we start to make progress in this current World of Widgets is that when you look down and see a list of open windows or applications, something is glaringly missing. The battery icon hasn’t shown in the taskbar for months and now, it’s not showing up in Windows 10 version 1803 at all. To make matters worse, many users have found when trying to stop their PC from sleep mode to move on with their day, the device won’t let them.

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