Battery Is Not Charging In Dell Laptop

Are you having trouble with your dell laptop battery not charging? Maybe it’s getting too hot, or maybe you just installed an Intel CPU and the computer won’t charge. Either way, check out this blog article that’ll help diagnose your problem, and hopefully fix it!

What is the Problem?

Suddenly, on my laptop’s screen the battery is not charging. This can happen for many different reasons. Sometimes a connection from the power supply to your laptop doesn’t work anymore or your charger is broken. If it has something to do with your charger then try plugging it into another outlet and electrical device that are working fine and see if that solves the problem. Also, if you’ve tried all of these things then there may be an issue with your charger.

Sometimes the battery in a laptop won’t charge when plugged into a power supply. If the battery is not charging, you can try this troubleshooting guide from Dell to diagnose and find the problem.

Deandre had been using his brand new Dell laptop for a week or so when he noticed that it never charged. He took it into the store and they said that it may have just needed a new battery. The next day, Deandre was able to use his laptop again but it began shutting off as soon as he powered on the machine.

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Steps to take to get it fixed

You might find that the battery in your Dell laptop isn’t charging at all or is consistently indicating not charged even though you have plugged it in. The first step to get it fixed is to try turning off any peripherals and devices such as external hard drives, TV, Blu-Ray player, etc. check if your desktop dock is plugged into the wall since this can interfere with the charge adapter/bluetoothIf none of these steps fix anything, then follow these steps:

If your battery is not charging, it could be because the power supply or the laptop charger are broken. If that’s the case, you should buy a new power supply or laptop charger to replace what is broken. You can also try having a professional repair the device by viewing an online tutorial on some tools such as screwdrivers and wire cutters.

If this has happened to you recently, Dell laptop it isn’t the end of the world. The first thing that needs to be done is check how much battery life you have left on your laptop. If there’s not a lot of time left, then unplug and plug h


The conclusion reached that batteries do not need to be charged on dell laptops. This issue can be linked back to the incompatibility of computers and batteries.

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This is because the computer hardware was not compatible with the battery. Dell’s laptops from late 2016 – 2019 use a 6 cell UUD battery with software-based DELLFA210 application that helps identiify the battery and prevent them from being used on non-compatible devices.

The conclusion would be that the battery is not charging because of the power supply. It could potentially be due to debris which prevents some of the current flowing into the device, resulting in a possible faulty port or other internal problem.

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