Battery Is Not Showing In Taskbar

What does the battery taskbar icon mean?

The battery taskbar icon appears when the computer starts and is not there any other time. This icon indicates if the computer’s battery gets discharged or if it needs to charge. The battery icon appears for about ten seconds until the issue is resolved and displaying the normal battery icon again.

The battery icon displayed in the task bar of your computer shows how much of your battery power is available. When it is green, it means you have plenty of battery power. If it changes to purple, the battery may be very low and the computer might switch over to using the power adapter for charging.

On a computer, when you have a power cord the battery icon will appear on the task bar in order to show how much battery power your system has left. This icon keeps counting down as your device is charging. For laptops docking/un-docking with or without power cords will cause this icon to disappear on one side of the screen or the other showing that no power draw is being made from that port.

Why does my battery not show in my taskbar?

The battery in your device’s task control being listed as not being with you is likely because your battery died. This will happen when the low battery warning appears. If the battery dies while connected to power and a computer, the process will stop responding until it is unplugged.

When your battery doesn’t show with that little icon in the task bar, it might be because of a lower system power condition. This could happen for a number of reasons. For example, if you are on a laptop with an extremely low battery life left, you can shut off some features to extend the laptop’s life. However, if this is happening just when you try to use your batteries as usual, make sure that your device has enough power to charge it. Plugging in an old adapter into the back of your device or turning off the battery shouldn’t completely shut down your computer so close to 100%.

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If the battery icon doesn’t appear in the taskbar, it is possible there is a nagging problem on your computer. The most common problem might be that an application or extension has stopped working and thinks your battery is running low or not plugged in at all. Check to make sure that the icon isn’t blocked by another program, either by right click and choosing “Show Only When On Battery Power,” or by killing the task in question.

How to fix battery not showing in taskbar

I have a laptop that my friend gifted to me, after the battery has decided to no longer show up in my taskbar. This article will guide you through the steps of how to fix your battery missing from taskbar. Initially, you may be frustrated by initial errors such as “There is no battery connected.” but don’t worry! Once you complete the troubleshooting instructions, follow them closely and restart your computer until it automatically reinstalls any necessary drivers for your device.

Sometimes, our battery will veer off the portion of the monitor that shows it especially when we’re watching videos or playing certain games. This phenomenon can happen without warning and any device that is on the screen will show up as if they were streaming.

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One way to fix battery not showing up in the taskbar is to go to ‘Task Manager,’ then click on the task that starts with ‘b’. If it’s not there, find and delete the program called “Battery”
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How to force a battery update on Windows 10

Windows 10’s battery status shows a cooldown and “Under Standby” for the battery in Task Manager. If you disable the power option of your laptop on, your computer will often be left on when not in use. To fix this issue, open Task Manager and click: Battery Information…..and then uncheck the box labeled ‘Disallow powered off without AC adapter’. You can now put your laptop on standby.

One common issue with Windows 10 is that the battery issue in taskbar doesn’t show. High on its priority list for fixing this problem was to make sure that there would be a new update soon. There is a way to force an update by holding down the power button and restarting your computer when it asks you to restart, not log off like normal. After restarting your computer, plug your charger in and wait for it to say “the Windows 10 Anniversary Update Is installing”

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Windows 10 needs the latest battery system file update in order to function properly. Many users are constantly receiving alerts that their laptop battery is low and they must install the necessary update immediately– without even being allowed to answer whether or not they have time for it. Fortunately, there’s an easy way to fix this.


This chapter focused on the exploration of Microsoft windows 10 and it’s search options. It explained how Windows 10 behaves when there is a problem with an update. I should have created a back up before updating and had my system checked over by someone more qualified than myself, as it may have caused my system to have problems.

Although the battery icon is not shown in the task bar, it still functions and provides enough power to keep your computer running. The battery icon can usually be found in the notification center on the right-hand side of your screen.

Unfortunately, this means that the battery cannot be charged with a computer or through a cell phone charger. The conclusion of these solutions is that the battery needs to be physically removed from the notebook and installed in the power outlet so that it can charge again.

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