Battery Of Uconnect Box Is Temporarily Low

Okay, so I got my Uconnect infotainment system installed with the help of a dealer and everything looked great. One thing that concerns me, though, is how long will the battery last?

Why is the Uconnect box low on battery

The Uconnect box has a battery cab that allows it to run on its own power. The battery is controlled by a button on the side of the unit which will allow you to charge or discharge the vehicle’s battery according to your needs.

When you check your GPS and receive a message that says “The battery of the Uconnect Box is temporarily low” it’s best to plug it in and charge it at home.

The Uconnect box on most cars is responsible for powering your car radio through Bluetooth streaming to paired devices. If, for some specific reason, the battery power in the Uconnect box has run low, it will no longer be able to stream wireless music while driving. This can happen if you drive a short distance in or out of off-road parking lots, as well as during air travel

How to get more time for your Uconnect box (Hint: Bluetooth Link)

Double-press the Bluetooth on your phone to get vibration and noise alerts on the driver’s turn signals. Then click the box twice in quick succession to get more warning time.

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If your car has a single Uconnect box, you may struggle to use the system while it is out of battery. Luckily, owners have figured out that they can take a wireless Bluetooth phone or MP3 player and connect to the car’s system using Bluetooth. They can then stream the audio through Bluetooth so that even with the low battery, they will still be able to listen to their favorite songs or podcasts.

Your Uconnect box can only send and receive data while you’re connected to your phone. If your phone is out of battery, this means that your Uconnect is not able to communicate with it. This may leave you without music and electric navigation. Luckily, there are ways to get more time for your Uconnect box before it dies so you don’t have to skip driving. You can use Bluetooth for music and turn off the car to conserve battery life or go see a map in the Tesla App on your phone.

What else you can do before submitting a support ticket

It is best to contact a member of the service team to make sure if this is a normal fluctuation or if it needs be replaced. However, if you are running on low power, switch-disconnecting your Uconnect Box and checking for adequate visibility may be enough for you to continue safely.

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If you reach your end of the battery, there are some things you can try before giving up. The most obvious thing would be to switch to different mode (hibernation/power saver) or power off for a minute so that energy is not wasted unnecessarily.

If the box isn’t working, you may be able to solve the issue by using braking technique. If that doesn’t work and you are sure the car is off, look in your owners manual for any solutions and contact a Tesla service center in your area. If none of these methods have resolved your issue, submitting a support ticket may be the best route of action


The conclusion of the car problem is that a bumber in the uconnect box was causing an electrical fire. The battery not only has to be in that compartment but it has to be below five volts. It turns out that the car was equipped with a new technology known as “auxiliary mode”. This basically allows your car’s engine to stop running in idle mode and make use of voltage from electronics in your trunk. From this new information, Chevy said they found the source of the problem and offered an update on their website regarding reimbursement for the cost of their repairs.

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The battery of the keyless entry-key is temporarily low so you’ll have to replace it.

There are a lot of ways to improve the amount of time that your battery can hold charge. One way is having an external charger. An external charger will allow you to start your car without touching and worry about the battery running out of charge. You should also make sure that your climate settings are not set for extreme temperatures outside, as this could sap the power from the battery faster than expected.

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