Battery Of Uconnect Box Requires Service

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Battery Problem

The battery in a uconnect box needs to be replaced or charged, specifically after the vehicle is not driven for four hours, at which point it will automatically shut down. It takes an hour for the battery in a regular auto to reach full charge. Different automotive companies have different estimates for when the battery can be recharged. Ford says that sixteen hours, Chevy says eighteen hours and Honda shops twenty-four

Even though the Tesla car’s batteries have virtually unlimited range, it is necessary to keep them in good health. It is important that you heed Tesla’s recommendation for routine battery service and maintenance. A certified Tesla repair shop or authorized service center can provide comprehensive, affordable yearly service of your vehicle. This will ensure a long lasting battery and fewer down time issues.

The battery on your Uconnect 3 offers more than five hours of performance when it is new. It typically has a shorter lifespan, but like all mobile devices, a charge can last throughout the day.

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How to Replace the Battery

If the battery in your uconnect box is not working correctly, it will need to be replaced. This can be done by going to a nearby dealership that installs batteries or by ordering a new battery from an autoparts store. If you have instructions on how to replace the battery for your specific car, you will find these instructions in your owners manual.

If the battery in your Uconnect box goes dead, you’ll need to replace it. For best results, use the rugged automotive grade lithium-ion replacement batteries that come with this kit.

Buying a new battery is the only way to restore functionality and energy. This replacement guide will provide specific instructions on how to replace the battery in an uconnect box.


We recommend having a professional attempt to receive a replacement unit if this is not possible

Following the safety tips from uconnect will ensure a greater level of protection for your vehicles passengers. Never sacrifice your child’s well-being for a cell phone or any other distraction.

The battery of a uconnect box will require service if it doesn’t update in the past 39 days. Uconnect boxes were meant to last up to four years without needing service, so I wouldn’t worry about this recently.

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