Battery Will Not Charge On Iphone

Dead phone, no good! Constant battery issues and all you want is to have your phone start up like brand new and work again. In this article, we’re going to show you how you can solve these problems and also some ways to make your battery life much longer without having to charge it again for ages!

How do I fix my iPhone?

Apple released a lot of iPhones that have been hit by battery issues. Now, it may seem difficult to figure out what’s going on. Luckily, Apple has given a number of solutions that includes replacing the battery and upgrading your iOS to the latest update. There are also some troubleshooting services you can try before replacing your phone completely.

If the battery on your iPhone isn’t charging when plugged into the wall or won’t charge on a computer, try connecting it to a different power source. Sometimes switching outlets or installing a surge protector can help. If you are using an outlet that uses ten-pin plugs, try plugging the cord into an outlet with six-pin plugs instead. Other potential causes of this issue include something being stuck between the socket and power cord, inadequate power from the outlet to charge your phone, or if there is an iPhone without a screen attached at the same time.

If your iPhone not charging properly because of a faulty battery, you’ll have to replace it. To do this, take the phone back into Apple Care or an Apple store and get a new battery.

What should I check if my battery won’t charge?

If the battery on your phone won’t charge, it’s possible to find out whether there could be anything wrong with the phone or the charger. If there is, it is best stability fix the problem and try charging again. Some reasons that you might find that the battery won’t charge include a damaged charger or incorrect power settings on your phone.

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If your battery won’t hold a charge, it’s possible that the charge port is damaged and it needs to be replaced. Since the battery contains a lithium-ion cell, water or other liquids could have damaged it. If you’re unsure if the port is damaged beyond repair, try using a different charger.

If your phone dies while you are using it, the battery can drain prematurely, typically when the phone is put to sleep or turned off in order to preserve battery life. In addition to draining completely, this can also cause the charging indicator to turn off. To check what has caused your battery to not charge at all on an iPhone, start by checking if your iDevice is freezing up or going black on its screen. If these steps do not fix your issue, you’ll need to troubleshoot through it with more steps.

What’s going to happen next when my battery won’t charge?

The first thing that should happen when your battery won’t charge is to get a new battery if you own an iPhone. If you don’t need a new one, Apple does offer electronics repair services for affected iPhones.

Initially, the article expresses that you might have a power outlet nearby, but if not, don’t worry! There are other ways to charge a phone. You can use your computer’s charger or even search for a power station somewhere near you. If you’re far from civilization and there is no way for you to recharge, it’s best to only dial 911 and have professional local people do it for you instead of fighting with the device.

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This is a very common question that’s been running throughout the internet. Apple devices make use of lithium ion batteries, which are completely rechargeable. If for some reason you’re not able to charge your device, make sure it’s not dead and try restarting your device then plugging in charger again. Try to look at more extreme cases when this happens like if your phone was taken off charge for more than 12 hours. In this case, the battery has turned into a “brick” because the battery cannot discharge any current any longer because there is no way for electricity to escape from the sealed battery unit.

What could be causing an issue with my iPhone battery?

The battery might be having a problem due to something else. It could be that the battery is defective and needs to be replaced, or served by Apple. You may also notice something in your pocket acting as a dead battery because you forgot to unplug the charger from your iPhone when you left it connected.

Battery Drainage on iPhone
Sometimes things go wrong with iPhones and they can get even worse if you continue to use your device due to them. For instance, when downloading apps, streaming music and videos, or playing games on your phone often, it will use up all of your battery quickly. This means that when you plug in your iphone it wouldn’t charge back up properly and that could cause issues too like decreased performance

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Did you plug in your phone this morning? Did this habit create issues with the battery life? Could it be an issue with the phone’s automatic battery charger causing your phone not to receive a full charge?


Many people try to charge their phone with a laptop. The solution takes longer because laptops don’t have the same type of power source, making them more cost-prohibitive to run at home.

The conclusion is that the battery won’t charge on iPhone because the connector might be broken. This could be fixed by purchasing a cable or by contacting an Apple store representative.

For the average user, there is no obvious solution to this issue. This is not an issue specific to one type of device but rather to all electronic devices that use a battery for power. What may be helpful for one device may not be for another.

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