Can Cmos Battery Cause Computer Not Start

CMOS batteries are found inside computer motherboards. When not only one but two failed on my Acer Aspire, the whole laptop had a power outage and messed up my hard drive. When replacing them with new ones and trying to save files from the hard drive, I got told it was too late unfortunately.


A CMOS battery is a small circuit typically placed in the motherboard that powers and resets other CPU components.

A CMOS battery is a device that is often used in computers for storing information about the computer’s hardware. A different type of battery, known as a lithium ion battery, powers the computer at startup or when it loses power. Lithium ion batteries tend to be less powerful than the types of batteries found in other devices like the CMOS battery. Sometimes these types of components can degrade over time, causing problems with the computer’s functionality. These problems can increase over time and eventually lead to a complete malfunctioning machine. Although routers tend to have long lifespans, they too must be serviced occasionally

Photo-voltaic batteries, more commonly known as cmos battery, are the most important part of today’s technology. Not only are they used in computers, but light bulbs and watches as well. Unfortunately, Silicon chips can not be upgraded because there is no way to add new parts as the body can take a few years to degrade. This prevents constant expansion of new parts into the system.

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What causes computer not responding?

Cmos battery is the power source for computers. If the computer works in a place without electricity, then there’s no need to worry about the battery life. However, some devices will work on different types of power sources, so you have to follow the instructions.

Most computers will automatically restart after a CMOS battery reset. However, an occasional computer not starting could be related to many different problems.

CMOS batteries can be removed by opening up the case. These batteries help keep track of the clock and date in electronic components. Removing the battery could seriously set back repairing your computer.

Troubleshooting tips to fix computer problems

There are a variety of signs that indicate a computer won’t boot. For instance, the power button may not light up or the computer may be completely unresponsive. If the system wakes up with erratic behavior, it’s likely that one of the many components inside is fried. Below is a list of potential causes that can help you fix computer problems if they appear:
1) Fixed PC – Turning off and resetting CMOS jumper clears all RAM
2) Battery Rechargeable – Changing charger cable/refreshing electrolytes w/ distilled water solves most CMOS related problems
3) Power supply – Unplugging and replugging in both power supply cables ensures ground prong is connected
4) Motherboard – When using an AMI BIOS, booting from CD provides an alternate route for CMOS settings change by passing through video card to monitor
5) System board – Removing CMOS battery for 1-2 minutes resets memory

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Computer troubleshooting can be a difficult and daunting task. It’s not always simple to figure out what’s wrong with your computer and how you can repair it. The first thing that you should try when you notice anything wrong is to restart your computer. Your laptop, desktop, and smart phone each have their own operating system so restarting them will aid in fixing the problem if your device is experiencing technical difficulties. You should also try different cables and connectors if the one that you’re using has been acting up or overheating. Just remember: if none of these solutions work, make an appointment with a computer expert to fix the problem because there’s a good chance that it’s something 404a1automotivprices computers experts can troubleshoot without any issues.

CMOS batteries are configurable by motherboard manufacturers and can be set to various patterns, including a power full hours. This means that the battery will act as a short-term start-up power supply for the computer when it first starts up. If the CMOS battery is removed or not properly recharged, then your computer may not start up until you enter the CMOS setup menu and configure the computer appropriately.


With nearly every mobile device today, users must consider the battery. Unfortunately, many lithium batteries cannot endure physical stress and over-charging may cause them to blow up. One of the ways that they can be prevented from explodings is to have them constantly charged through a constant current. This feature is perfect for modern laptops and notebooks. Since most people are looking for portability with their devices, it’s best to switch to a lithium battery that can withstand these issues.

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The best battery should make your computer stay up longer and have a better performance from it. It is also essential if you are like to game or work on anything besides moderate tasks.

Troubleshooting of why the laptop is not booting doesn’t really get us anywhere. Should the battery was replaced, then how did it affect the computer?..

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