Can The Battery Be Replaced In An Apple Watch

Ever find that your battery is low and you are out of USB charging cables? Then you will know how bad Apple watch-haters feel about the time it takes between charging each watch. The batteries are not interchangeable, so if you have purchase a brand new apple watch, it won’t be compatible with any previous watches.

Do you get an Apple Watch battery?

The Apple Watch battery can be replaced by any professional once approximately. The most common replacement is to change the battery because of the wear and tear on it due to normal usage. However, this may be expensive if it’s a cracked or broken smart watch.

Some people are asking if their Apple Watch is battery-powered, or if it needs to be replaced. The current battery life for an Apple Watch lasts one year, but can be extended by a $39-dollar annual subscription for an extended battery. Battery barometer software cycles your daily battery to make sure that you’re making the most out of your limited time in between charges.

The Apple Watch is quite new to the world, but there have already been battery popping out controversies surrounding the device. The issue seems to stem from the fact that the Watch is essentially a “fob” in your pocket. Regardless of if you’re charging it or not, this will drain some battery life – depending on how you charge it and what activity you’re using it for. Unfortunately, I don’t know how easy it is to replace the batteries in the Watch. Maybe you can replace it yourself?

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How to diagnose your Apple Watch battery issues

Steps to diagnose battery issues:
1. Pull your Apple Watch off of the charger and put it back on at least 6-8 hours after it last had a charge
2. Rest your watch for at least 10 minutes
3. See if your watch is gaining or losing power according to connected devices
4. If “None” does not appear in the list, try turning your phone off for a few minutes before putting it back on and restarting it

Some of the following might fix your problem:
– One possible cause of a dead watch is being left without power. Make sure it’s not on a timer (controlled by your phone or other charger) or left in standby mode.
– If your issue doesn’t seem to be battery related, try using an old battery and then using a replacement battery with the same lot number and serial number
– Charging issues can also cause issues. Make sure that you’re using the right USB cord, port, and plug type
– If these remedies don’t work, you can contact Apple

Some Apple Watch users may experience battery issues, so in order to diagnose the problem, the watch’s power button might need to be repaired. To check if your power button needs to be fixed, hold down the side button for about five seconds. If a menu appears, start following the repair steps and see if you can fix the issue. If not, making an Apple store visit or contacting apple support can fix it.

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How to replace the battery in an Apple Watch

If you cannot get a replacement battery for your Apple Watch, there is a good chance it isn’t dying. If you’re serious about replacing the battery, make sure you have everything you need before heading out to your workshop. You’ll need adequate power strips and time.

If you accidentally break your Apple Watch, you can easily replace its battery. To do this, unscrew the back of your watch and remove the screws holding down the metal backing plate. Once you’ve removed those three screws, place the metal plate face-up against a flat surface and disconnect your old battery by gently lifting up on one connector. Then slide out your brand new battery (shown to the right), connect it in its place, and screw it all back together again.

The battery in an Apple Watch can be replaced as needed, however some personal Apple watches don’t need replacements. Stainless steel cases are able to withstand more wear and tear than aluminum, so most Apple Watches with such cases do not need a new battery.

Is replacing my battery worth my time and effort?

If I can, would I be able to buy an entirely new one or just the part? Replacing my battery is not worth it in most cases. If it worked alright last time, doing so again will probably have no effect. Whereas, buying a whole new watch if it breaks instead of replacing just the battery saves money and provides a satisfying feeling that’s different from recycling.

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There are many ways for an Apple Watch to be broken. If a Watch battery dies, it can easily be replaced in the store, no appointment needed. However, if you’re an Apple Watch user and want to replace your battery on your own, you might be wondering if the effort is worth it.

If you find yourself in the unfortunate circumstance of needing a new battery, there is an option for you to replace it yourself. However, it may not be worth your time and effort because it will take quite a bit of time and only cover part of the battery’s life.


The battery inside of an Apple Watch can be replaced. However, even though it can be replaced, apple watch batteries should not be changed by a third party. If you notice your apple watch is having issues, like if the battery quickly dies or your screen goes blurry, you can contact Apple.

You cannot replace the battery in an apple watch, because it is too small to be removed. If your current battery dies and you are unsure how to open the casing and what type of replacement to buy, disassemble your watch with a dynamic hammer and then use a screwdriver or extractor tool to gain access to the battery.

Why replace the battery? It is possible, but not recommended unless you damaged the watch.

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