Does Autozone Do Free Battery Installation

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Does autozone do free battery installation

AutoZone offers free battery installation for eligible customers. In order to qualify for the offer, AutoZone recommends that customers submit a coupon to receive the service, either online or in store. Customers who choose to purchase batteries through AutoZone will receive discounted prices of up to $300 on pre-installation batteries and up to $600 on installation batteries.

Home & Garden rely on car batteries to power appliances such as lights, televisions, and microwaves. Normally, a new battery will run you $100-$200 each. AutoZone is no exception to this fact but they do offer free battery installation starting at just $20 with a purchase of two batteries!

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Types of batteries

Automotive batteries can vary a lot in size and shape. There are two types that commonly make it into automotive batteries. The “heavy duty” battery is more than 12 volts and will tend to last ten to twelve years while the “domestic” battery tends to be eight or nine volt. For example, larger batteries may use lead-acid, nickel-cadmium, or lithium cobalt oxide.”

Batteries are generally classified into different chemistries. Lead-acid batteries, which were the first type of battery, are slowly being replaced by lithium and nickel-based batteries. Electric cars use lead-acid, Nicasil batteries or lithium ion cells.

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AutoZone sells a variety of car batteries. Of the eight different types that are sold, three of them are free with purchase. However, only two can currently be installed. The four types of batteries you have to pay for when they’re installed would range from $89-999.

What are the differences between types of batteries?

Autozone does offer free battery installation. They can install batteries found in cars that have previously been serviced there as well in many cases. Some types of batteries available through Autozone include lithium ion power packs, button cell batteries, and dry-cell alkaline batteries. Other types of batteries are limited to locations where consumers may purchase them from the store.

There are three types of batteries that autozone offers. The AGM battery can be installed for free at the time of purchase. There’s the Gel-cell and then there’s Flooded Lead-Acid battery. The AGM option will boast a larger size with about 4 times the total capacity of its flooded counterparts but has extremely high performance characteristics, so it is recommended for stationary or production applications.

The different types of batteries can be found in a variety of places, such as on the internet. There are three main battery types that often get mixed up in conversations. These include flooded lead acid (FLA), gel-cell (GC), and nickel-cadmium (NiCd). A solar battery is not a type of battery, but rather, uses the sun to activate its flow.

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How to choose a battery that is right for your car

There are a number of things to consider when deciding on the right battery. Features like size, shape and weight are helpful in determining these decisions. And since most cars can only accommodate one battery you don’t want an extra heavy or small battery sticking out from the car somewhere.

If a customer has a new or old battery, they should look up the car’s manual on-line to determine the correct size. If the battery needs to be replaced, call their auto service department to set up an appointment for the battery installation. Though it may not work in all cars, this is one way that you can replace the battery without having to do the installation at home.

AutoZone provides batteries for brands such as Audis and Volvos. They also offer free installation.

Consumers’ Guide to Battery Technology

With their clear and easy instructions and automated checklists, autozone does estimates for free battery installation. They also offer a $80 coupon to customers who purchase a Dodge Caravan from them.

Free battery installation service at autozone, comes with a car battery installation guide.
Autozone offers a free battery switch installation kit to its consumers who are purchasing a car battery. Even with the batteries warranty in place, switching out the old batteries can save you some money on future costs of your battery warranties.

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When a car battery needs to be installed, consumers should not just ask the nice people at their local car dealership. Today’s batteries require such specific installation procedures that only a specialized auto shop can do it correctly. Before getting your battery installed, you should research different kinds of batteries that are best for your particular vehicle and desired features. For example, you might decide on lead-acid batteries if you want more storage space but have concerns about the added complexity of a lithium-ion design. Each type of battery is designed with some primary use in mind by the manufacturer.


AutoZone’s battery installation-free service is offered because there are no worries about a warranty. So, if you can’t afford an extended warranty or want to save your money, AutoZone has great service.

It is important to know the specific batteries autozone uses because they differ from OEM Lithium-ion batteries in that the autozone lithium ion battery has built-in protections and a simple software that allows diagnostic testing.

Jack is a guy who found out that his battery has been in his car for at least 6 years and don’t think he needs to get a new one.

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