Does Pokemon Go Count Steps When In Battery Saver Mode

As millions of players continue to enjoy the augmented reality game ‘Pokemons’, Nintendo is increasing awareness amongst users that the app includes features, such as playing in safe mode, which may result in more steps being taken than during normal gameplay.

What is Battery Saver Mode in Pokemon Go

The new Pokemon Go app has a Battery Saver feature that takes into consideration how far walked in the game. However, some people are not concerned with those steps and will just do walking journeys to hatch eggs or collect Pokeballs. Those in large groups, or those who have overused their battery for the day may find themselves forced to turn this option off.

Why are there battery saver modes in apps and games?

Resources are being used up more in apps and games such as Pokemon Go now that wireless data is so easy to access. The battery saver turns off background data to conserve power so as not to risk the phone dying mid-game.

Is battery saver mode in pokemon go good for you?

The iOS app for pokemon go has such a battery saver mode. This mode will turn off all the fruitless apps running so that there’s less power consumption. The downside to battery saver mode is how it affects your gameplay, because the game will run at a much lower frame rate and CPU usage. While in this mode, you will probably not be able to find many pokemon or complete any gyms if you’re doing a raid battle.

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I searched more thoroughly the question of pokemon go on battery saver mode and found some interesting information. The game is obviously not meant to be played while you are running low on battery, but instead the battery saver mode is made to save your phone’s lifespan by meaning that the games will download data from the server less often.

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