Does Tesla Battery Drain While Parked

car batteries have one of three states – charged, discharged or fully depleted. This blog article gets into the nitty-gritty science behind car batteries and how they need to change over time due to their usage.

Tesla’s battery

Tesla’s battery will stop charging if the Inductive charging port is not connected. If a driver parks while they are still using the phone via Bluetooth, the battery will deplete because it isn’t being recharged by the car.

Just like any other car, Tesla’s battery does drain itself when it is not being used. However, if you start using the car before the battery has depleted enough energy from the Tesla network, then the battery will replenish itself and make up the difference. The only way for your Tesla to get insufficient energy for charging is for that time to come when a Tesla goes out of warranty and that is going to take a lot longer than if your battery is being charged at home or work.

The cars battery drains when left parked for long periods of time. It goes into a sleep mode to preserve battery life. This helps to extend the life of the battery and also protects it from degradation too quickly.

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Problems related to Tesla’s battery

While it is true that Tesla’s battery also drains while parked, the drain rate is much lower than gas powered cars. Experts have put the range at around 300 miles.

Tesla cars have lithium-ion batteries that are connected up to the Tesla Model S’ electric motor. Lithium-ion batteries are what makes Tesla cars so much more efficient and safe. They can recharge fast, but they also drain faster when their battery is not in use. In our case while the car is parked, we can guarantee that the battery isn’t draining because it’s not being used.

Tesla cars are equipped with advanced lithium ion battery technology that is estimated to last for 1,000,000 miles. However, Tesla’s batteries do suffer from problems during long-term parking. They report that the current issue relates to their software and battery’s inability to compensate when parked longer than an hour.

Surprising findings found on Teslas

Researchers from Lawrence Berkeley National Lab in California found that Tesla batteries may be draining even with the car completely turned off and securely locked away. The results were surprising, as the findings suggested that lithium battery degradation speeds up when the cars are not in use.

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In order to find the answer, the team of researchers studied Tesla owners who had their cars in garages and found that 72% of owners at one point had their batteries openly draining while parked. Looking further into this issue, they examined the issue with larger sample size and it showed that on average, 13% of battery power is drained while they are parked.

To be clear, Tesla is not perfect. Unfortunately, researchers at Virginia Tech found that some Tesla vehicles emit higher amounts of pollutants when they are parked. The scientists were able to test cars in San Francisco using data gathered from a nationwide Greenhouse Gas Emissions Database between January 2016 and January 2017.


Musk shares his belief in the idea of “neither gasoline nor electricity” being necessary for transportation, but he does see Tesla as having to provide energy on demand, and sees the solution in solar power. While Tesla can’t survive entirely by selling cars, Musk believes that range anxiety will lessen if only 60% of all US cars are electric.

Teslas have drawn some flak for having batteries that drain faster and lose their power quickly when plugged in. To counteract this, Tesla even implemented a left-side external battery that would charge your car while it is parked at home. This is one of the many features that help Teslas stand out from other cars with lower grade safety precautions.

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The car is equipped with a lithium-ion battery which is charged by the electrical grid when it is used, so it can stay charged while parked.

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