How Do I Count Battery Block Volume On A Prius?

The article provides step-by-step instructions for how to calculate the battery block volume on a Prius. The first piece of information you need is your model’s raw battery size, in case it doesn’t come with an answer written inside.

How Do I Count Battery Block Volume on a Prius

One method to approximate the volume is by counting the seams on the bottom of the battery cover. To do this, you need to remove one of these covers and take a photo of it with a digital camera. Once this is done, you need to count the number of seams on either side of the vehicle and divide it into two separate measurements.

In order to understand the whole battery block volume on a Prius, you first need to know what type it is and how many blocks it has. There are 4 types of battery packs that Prius use in their vehicle:
1) The LEV-1 or “Low emission vehicle battery pack”
2) The AER-L or “Advanced electric vehicle battery pack”
3) The MOF-S or “Maximum output frontal smog system”
4) The NCM-X or “Next generation comercial light weighting electric assist motor”
The quantity of blocks in the LEV-1 is 254 and the quantity of blocks in the AER-L is 288.

Toyota has made the Prius and other eco friendly cars that use hybrid technology for customers. One of the features that these hybrid cars have is a battery block that allows the car to run for longer than it would if it relied just on gas power. The battery block can significantly increase the amount of time a car’s car battery can run before needing to be charged. Cars are usually measured in batteries blocks; however, Toyota has changed this metric in certain models to make sure consumers aren’t misled by marketing information, even though originally they counted them as whole batteries. To find out how many battery blocks there are on your Prius, you can visit

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What do I Need to Know?

Toyota Prius enables the driver to locate the battery by checking under the hood. Next, locate where you can see the plug that is attached to the battery.

When deciding on which car to purchase, it is important to know what modern cars have that could make a difference in an accident. The Toyota Prius has an excellent safety record and is equipped with many advanced safety features. For example, the Prius can detect objects in front of it using its front-mounted radar. Using this technology the driver can remain focused while driving by minimizing the unexpected changes in speed when other cars come around corners.

The three main sources for odometer readings on battery blocks are the mileage when the vehicle was manufactured, the profile of the block, and actual miles driven.


The battery block volume is how many power cells are inside of the battery. It is determined by how wide the battery is and how long they are placed side-to-side. For a battery with a nominal voltage of 12v, a 100Ah capacity (100A x Ah = 100Wh), and 10mm diameter cylindrical cells, the battery has about 8,300mm3.

Battery block volume is the maximum amount of water a storage tank can hold. A standard Prius battery pack has a volume of 9.5-cubic ft. A battery pack typically has at least two aluminum chassis boxes, which increase cell pressure and ensure better performance over long periods of time.

The battery block volume is the space that’s taken up by a lithium ion battery installed in the vehicle. Almost all batteries have the same metric units of measurement; they are typically inches, centimeters, or millimeters. For example, Toyota Prius batteries have an average 8 inch in length and 7 inch width with an average diameter of 56 mm.

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What’s the Difference Between BATTERY VOLUME and BATTERY BLOCK VOLUME?

I wanted to know what the difference was between the volume of a battery block and the size of the battery itself.

Battery volume is the amount of space that the battery can take up in a car. Battery block volume is a specific compartment where the acccording to its design, isolates noise and vibration from one area of the battery to another. When designing a system for an electric car, there are three procedures for reducing power noise and vibration which are called steps:

Battery block volume is simply compared to battery volume. For example, three battery blocks inside of a 2014 Toyota Prius v will total 1800+200=2000. BATTERY VOLUME will be 2000/8=250.

How Do I Count Battery Block Volume on a Prius

You’ll need to measure the width and depth of a Toyota Prius battery. The width of the battery is usually 12 inches, the depth is usually 21 inches. To find out your Prius battery’s volume, take its length squared (for example 7×7=49). Subtract the depth from this number and multiply it by itself; 6×6=36. This will give you your Prius’s battery block volume: 36L

If you want to count the battery block volume on a Toyota Prius, the easiest and most efficient way is to start from the foot of the car. There you will find two round
shaped boards just in front of the tires. Make sure to close your eyes or keep them open very slowly while keeping a steady
speed at 1.0 mph on top speed when possible. You can also mark with a piece of chalk on one board and then walk 10 feet in front of it to find another circle with that same marking then that would be your first battery block volume. This process is slow, but it will usually work due to how many circles there are in each row and finish counting when you have reached 45 degrees behind the front wheels at 65ft in all 4 directions (when driving)

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A Prius has a battery block that increases in size as the battery is worn down. Sometimes when you are riding on flat ground and flooring your gas, it will will register as 0C of Gas engine power until the battery power is fully consumed.


In conclusion, Toyota Priuses are cars which have been developed to reduce overall emissions in the world. They have also been reported as being very safe due to the fact that collision recognition technology is incorporated into them.

Toyota introduced a new, advanced battery system on their Prius hybrid cars that helps lower fuel bills. Much like other cars with standard batteries, the car will indicate on the dashboard how much battery charge is remaining.

A Prius uses a battery pack that is divided into small blocks (or modules) to save weight. The battery pack on the right side of the car and the left side of the car are identical, but the position of the modules can change. If an owner want to find out how many individual block they have in their battery pack, they need to count them themselves with a caliper.

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