How Many Cycle Count Before Its Time To Replace My Battery On My Apple Macbook Pro

Macbooks can have tricky times come as they get older, but there is no need to spend a small fortune replacing them. As long as you perform routine maintenance such as the replacement of a battery every 12 months, your MacBook will keep going and going.

What does cycle count mean?

Cycle count refers to the number of times a battery is complete charged and discharged. The time in between these cycles determines how long the battery lasts.

A cycle is a run of discharging and charging of a battery. The longer the cycle, the better it can hold a charge. Each time you use your macbook pro laptop, the amount of juice in your battery decreases for two reasons- turning on the computer and using apps like Spotify. To get it back up to full power again, you should plug in your macbook to a charger that has the same rating as the battery. To determine how many cycles you have left in your battery, follow these steps:

Cycle count is a measure of how many times a solar battery has been recharged from zero to full. The reason for this is because batteries typically lose up to 20% of their charge every day. Because of this, one should eventually do a cycle count before buying a new battery in order to estimate how long it will last.

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How do I know when it’s time for my battery to be replaced?

When people need a new battery for their Apple MacBook Pro, they get anxious. If there are multiple cycles on your battery, it’s likely time to replace it. Because you have so many cycles, the battery will degrade and lose performance until the laptop can begin shutting down because of low battery life instead of being able to stay powered up when needed.

To know if it’s time to replace your battery, you’ll want to closely monitor your battery usage. You’ll also want to follow Apple’s recommended battery replacement timeline.

It’s hard to remember when your laptop battery has lost its capacity, but using an easy-to-remember rule will prevent you from forgetting. In an article by , the one-cycle counts are as follows:

Let’s replace my battery!

Every battery has a lifespan. When the battery life of your laptop is getting shorter and shorter, you probably need to replace your battery. You can do this by following these steps: use a screwdriver to remove the screws below the trackpad, unscrew the bezel surrounding the trackpad, separate the mouse cable from its connector, and place everything safely in one place. Then carefully lift up on a corner of your Macbook Pro until you see the solid metal bar that makes up most of the computer’s bottom case |

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Every laptop battery has a cycle count on it. For most, the number is around 800-900 cycles before replacing the battery is necessary. This means that your battery could last for almost two years before replacing it would be necessary. However, Laptop batteries vary so every battery should be tested manually before you buy one.

Macbook pro batteries are rated to last for two years, which means you might want to consider getting a new battery if your battery is young. It’s up to you how often to replace your macbook pro battery, so while it usually isn’t necessary to get a new battery until two years have passed, there are times when you could opt out at three months and try buying used ones on craigslist instead.


With such a great price on the Internet, it’s no surprise that people are buying new macbooks just to have a chance at getting something with a better battery life. I favor replacing my old laptop after 4 cycles in order to preserve my battery’s performance and slightly more efficient use of energy.

When a Macbook Pro loses 25% of its capacity, it’s time to replace your battery.
A replacement is $500 and the MacBook Pro works best when with charge to 55%.

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If your lithium ion battery has a cycle count of 100,000, it would be recommended that you consider replacing your battery.

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