How Much Battery Does Bluetooth Use

A blog article about how to save approximately 30% on battery life of your device by turning off bluetooth.

How Bluetooth uses battery power

Bluetooth is a wireless protocol that allows products such as wireless headphones to communicate wirelessly. This usage continuously drains battery power in devices like laptops and mobile phones. To combat the problem, researchers have developed Bluetooth low energy.

Bluetooth signals are one of the most common stresses put on mobile batteries, so it makes sense that they would use a significant percentage of battery power. The average Bluetooth connection lasts 7 hours and 15 minutes which calculates to 125% of 1% per hour, or approximately 0.03%.

Bluetooth is made up of a radio transmitter and receiver. The radio waves use a small amount of power and the devices need to be about the same distance from each other for them to work effectively. A device will use less battery if it lowers the transmitting output power or uses a low-power profile.

Bluetooth vs. WiFi

Bluetooth connects wirelessly, whereas WiFi sends through a router. Bluetooth devices use about half the power that WiFi uses and is considerably cheaper for a home user.

Bluetooth is a wireless communications technology. It uses radio waves to connect devices that are nearby or connected through a direct line wirelessly. WiFi is a wireless networking technology that uses radio waves to connect networked computers and other devices equally efficiently.

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The full name of this wireless computer phenomenon is “Bluetooth” and comprises a set of three technologies: (1) Low Energy [LE], (2) Bluetooth LE-iDP(A or Core), and (3) Bluetooth LE-Copper.


Bluetooth consumes a small amount of power, even if you have your device on constantly. It also won’t take up a lot of battery life as long as your device isn’t on all the time.

Bluetooth uses less battery power than Wi-Fi. Bluetooth also only uses 2% of the energy required for Wi-Fi. My phone uses 5 hours of battery life when it is connected to bluetooth and 27 hours when it has a Wi-Fi connection.

Bluetooth consumes less energy than your phone’s cellular or Wi-Fi connection. Bluetooth is used to connect with other devices within a few centimeters

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