How To Check Battery Count On Mac

There are many devices that you use every day and keeping track of their battery life is a must for some. In this blog post, you will learn how to put your mac’s battery life into perspective and even where you can locate the battery indicator on your mac.

How to Check Battery Count on Mac

When checking your battery count there are five easy steps that you need to follow in order. First, the Mac will ask if you want to charge or not. If you do want it to charge, that means plugging the power adapter into it. The next step will ask if the power is charging or discharging. You can use the mouse, track pad, or keyboard as input on this step. After this, there will be a few other questions and tips which are overall pretty straightforward and easy!

In order to check the battery count on your Mac, simply open the ‘About This Mac’ option in System Preferences. If the percentage shows 100%, than you may not have a battery installed. If it’s less than 100%, then order a new one.

To check your battery level, follow these steps:
Press Control-Option-Command-Escape at the same time to open the Energy tab in the System Information section.
You’ll see a table that details your total computer energy usage, from which you can see the battery indicator and current state of charge.

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Part 1: Functions and Keyboard Shortcuts

When you turn on your Mac, you’ll need to click the apple icon in the upper-left corner of your screen. Click “System Preferences,” and then find and click “Energy Saver” on the left sidebar.

Checking the power on your Mac can be done in several ways depending on what you prefer. The first method is by using functions and commands that are universal across all keyboard shortcuts. For example, Alt + T will reveal the Today view of your calendar, which makes it easy to see any upcoming appointments you’re tracking.
Part 2: Checking One Way
Paragraph: The second method is checks using a particular tap or key combination. We’ll go over how to check one way because it’s not always possible to look at the battery status à la function or command without powering down and restarting your device. This can preserve battery life for other parts of the system when you need it most and add some stress-relief in emergency situations when you might otherwise worry about a battery-life shutdown.
One final note: Power users with more technical know-how might want to check their system’s service log after checking their remaining charge in Google Chrome from its menu bar.

The battery status can be checked by clicking the Energy icon on the top right corner of your Mac…. This will bring up a number with a Min, one hour charge, and real-time display.

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Part 2: Checking the Status Bar and System Information

Now that you have your notebook open and turned on, press the option key. You notice in the bottom left of your screen that the status bar is black and not blinking, meaning that your laptop’s battery is currently fully charged. However, if it’s not blinking, some important information may be hidden in a little black strip at the bottom of your screen called the system information panel.

To check the battery count on a Mac, start by clicking the round icon in the upper left corner. There are three ways to do this. One is to click on the word “System” then select the option showing your battery charge level.

Batteries will also show up in the Mac OSX system window in the status bar.
To open it, go to apple menu > system preferences and click on monitors. An icon will be located next to your screens with a battery icon inside of it and text that says information. Clicking on this icon will show the remaining battery life of your Mac and charge levels

Part 3: Checking Audio Info

Now that we are done checking the time and Bluetooth connections, let’s take a look at the right side of your screen. There should be some groupings with what appears to be small images or icons. Choose any one to see what it shows.

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Now that we’re all clear on how to find the battery count on your Mac, let’s take a look at how to access the audio info.

You can also sometimes use the System Information app to tell how many plays, songs, and battery life you have left. You can search for your model number on Apple’s website or the App store and download this app.


The list of battery status screen contains two options “miles traveled” and “charge cycles.” The conclusion is that the faster a vehicle is, the more charges it will use.

macOS Sierra includes a new battery saver mode that should extend the life of your device. It does this by preventing applications from connecting to the internet and syncing data, reducing power draw if you reduce screen brightness, putting system sleep and idle on a slower schedule, using the computer in lighter activity phases such as keyboard input only.

After reading the entire article and checking out all the tips given, I figured that Apple charged me fairly for my purchase even though it didn’t alarm me. To be more specific, they charged the same amount of money that their battery costs…

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