How To Check Battery Cycle Count On Ipad Air

battery cycle is a metric that IPad Air users should check, it is to determine when must replace their battery. If the estimated time the battery will last is 6 years, but then your battery cycles in a mere 3 years, you might want to consider replacing the battery sooner than expected.

What is Battery Cycle Count?

A battery cycle is that amount of time taken to fully charge and discharge a laptop one-hundred times. When a battery is fully charged, it’s considered to be 100% full. A battery cycle count is a useful metric to monitor the performance or extend the life of a laptop computer or laptop with extended use.

Battery cycle count refers to the number of times a battery is charged and discharged during its lifetime. The more times it charges, the better. The Cycle Count is found on your device’s battery under Settings.

Battery cycle count is how many times the battery has been charged and discharged in a single “cycle.” When you insert your iPad into the charging unit, this number will be displayed.

How to check iPad battery cycle count

It’s important to charge the iPad before it dies and shows an incorrect battery life percentage. To check the current battery cycle count, open the settings and select “iPad” in the first menu then output. There you will see a screen showing how many times the iPad has been charged since you bought it last. You also have the option to connect your iPad to a power adapter for even quicker charging.

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How do I know how many times the battery has been charged on my iPad Air?
The simple answer is that you can’t. Knowing your battery’s cycle count isn’t one of the things that can be found out by a check on the back of the tablet or in iOS settings. The only way to find this information is to plug your device into a charger and see how long, exactly, it takes for it to start up.

The battery cycle count for a device is the number of times it has been charged fully and then discharged until it’s near dead. You can check the batter cycle count in two ways: 1. Open up your charging cable/power adapter and check how many circular cuts you can see. 2. Check the bottom of your device to see which number you’d need to look for. If you’re looking at your power adaptor, you’ll see four parallel circles (1,2,3,4).

Why does the cycle count go down?

The cycle count on the battery go down because it might not be receiving as much battery as it needs. Air used to refresh the battery may also result in a decrease in the cycle count. There are many factors that can contribute to this such as external temperatures and burnout due to extreme usage.

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Ever noticing your cycles count drop? When you start using an apple product, it has a long cycle and eventually due to wearing down of the battery, it is replaced. This can lead to a few cycles being lost in numbers because the ones you’ve done don’t fit or show up on led indicators after the replacement.

Did you recently purchase a new iPad Air and you notice that your battery cycle count is going down? That’s probably because the battery did not complete charging cycles. Depending on usage, the battery of an ipad will receive 420 or 660 cycles. The cycle count halves every 500 to 1,000 cycles.


Yes, you can change your iPad to switch between 6 different screen brightness levels by pressing the home and power button together. The only problem with this feature as explained in the video is that you cannot adjust the screen brightness lower than 50%.

The cycle count tells you the number of times that a battery has been recharged and allowed to discharge. There is no way to reverse any damage that is done other than buying new batteries, so it’s best to increase the cycle count when possible.

It is unfortunate that our devices today are so complex, even something as low-tech as an iPad may be too advanced for some people. Fortunately, there are a variety of tricks and hacks you can do to check whether your battery cycle count is at 400 or 800. You will get a different answer if you enter different numbers, which might not be accurate.

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