How To Check Battery Cycle Count On Mac

to be able to know the state of your battery cycle count, we need to check the current status.

Battery Cycle Count

One can check their battery cycle count on a Mac computer by running the command powerinfo. This will provide a number of different information including how much time was left before the battery was fully charged, how many volts were needed for peak capacity, and your cycles per 100.

How to Check your Mac Power Meter

The best way to figure out how much battery life is left in your MacBook is to use a power meter app. This will tell you how long it will be until the battery gives up, rather as long as MacOS asks for permission. This could save your computer in a pinch if you run short on battery life and understand when it goes down to the final bar.
The interface of this app is pretty straightforward; just tap “Start” when you want the indicator to start counting down and hold “Shift” while clicking button A or clicking “OK.”


The first thing it is good to do is find out if you have a battery that needs to be replaced or not. The next thing it’s good to do is make sure when the battery will be able to finish charging. The last step in this blog entry was checking the length of time your battery had been in service and how many charge cycles your battery has experienced. It is recommended that once a year you test your battery with a true-fault tester.

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