How To Check Battery Cycle Count Samsung Galaxy

Nowadays, we’re so lucky to have technologies like the internet and smart phones at our disposal. With these nowadays tech, you can find everywhere in 10 minutes so long as it is within your proximity. However, most of us are not aware that some of these tools also come with limitations. For one, our devices are equipped with battery back-up which helps keep them going even when it is not plugged in anymore. But what happens when your battery is already past its usefulness?

What is a battery cycle

A battery cycle is the number of times a battery has gone through a full charge and discharge. If a battery has gone through 1000 cycles, it will only hold at a 70% charge level. Some batteries are meant to last longer than others. A typical rechargeable lithium ion battery should last at least 3000 cycles.

A battery cycle is the length of time it takes for a battery to go through fully charging and discharging. It helps identify the life expectancy of a battery.

A battery cycle is a single charge-discharge and charge-recharge process of a battery. Batteries have limited number of cycles before they need to be replaced.

How to check the battery cycle count on your Samsung Galaxy phone

The advantage is that Samsung buyers have the power to check their phones and find out if there are any problems before they end up having a costly experience. The disadvantage is that consumers do not actually use smartphones in the way they’re supposed to.

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You can check the battery cycle count on your Samsung Galaxy phone by typing *#0*# or *#877#. This will activate the phone’s Service Mode, which displays a simple battery cycle graph and lots of other information about your device.

Checking the battery cycle count on your Samsung Galaxy phone can be helpful if you are trying to troubleshoot certain problems with your device. Your phone has a battery meter that indicates how many times the battery has been fully discharged and charged over time. This is useful for determining when it is time to replace your battery.


Unplug the charger from the outlet and use a clip to short the green battery contact and a metal object such as a screwdriver or coin. This will reset the Samsung Galaxy’s temperature control for this time.

It is important to know how long your batteries have been used before they start losing their capacity and becoming dangerous. You can check the battery cycle count by going to the settings of your phone, clicking on ‘Battery’, and then scrolling down to find the list of cycle counts.

The fuses are on the battery circuit board. Most often they are found in a box located below the battery compartment at the left side of the device. The fuses prevent damage to your phone and can not be replaced by user. When your battery is low and you use your phone but still receive a short battery life, replace it.

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