How To Check Battery Cycle Count Windows 10

Checking your battery cycle count is an important part of maintaining your battery life. With the Windows 10 Taskbar Battery Monitor, check your available cycles, full charge and discharge history, ideal lifespan based on your usage, default Charging Time and a lot more!

How to check battery cycle count windows 10

You can check your battery’s cycle count in Windows 10 by pressing the battery fly out in the notification center and looking over the below menu. You have a limited range of accesible information but it gives you an idea of when you might need to replace your battery.

Sometimes, when a laptop or computer starts becoming slow, the user can check its battery cycle count. This will help them decide anywhere from a replacement to range-on the battery to replace it. To do this, one must pull up the search bar on their desktop by pressing “Windows+S” and type in “Cycle Count.” Once it is located in the search bar, one will see results of battery cycle counts for your current laptop or Windows 10 PC.

Sometimes your old laptop may not do what you want as it’s days are numbered. One of the things that you’ll start to notice is when it starts to lose battery life faster or won’t hold a charge for as long as it used to. If this happen, the first thing you can do is get a new charger and cable from your laptop manufacturer. The next step is to find out how long was the last complete lithium-ion battery cycle on the computer. To do this, look at the bottom of your laptop monitor and locate a small barcode starting with letters BBU

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What does the battery cycle count show?

Many computers and laptops come equipped with a battery life indicator. The battery cycle count shows how many times the battery has been charged and discharged during its lifetime. If it starts showing a limited number of charges and discharges, it is time to replace the battery.

The battery cycle count feature can show drivers the life remaining for their car’s battery. It is often used to help make decisions on what car models to purchase in the future.

You can find the battery cycle count for your Windows 10 computer by clicking on “System” and then choosing “Poweri…

Battery Cycle Count Troubleshooting

If your computer’s battery is taking longer to charge, the battery cycle count may be inaccurate and making it difficult for your device to find out when the usable capacity will be. This can stop Windows 10 from populating the ‘Time Remaining’ field and make it difficult for apps that use this indicator to know how much time it has left. If your battery cycle count stops updating or becomes inaccurate, let Windows Update and long-term evolution services scan for new updates.

Windows 10 implements a Battery Cycle Count in its manual. This number will be low if you have taken lots of action because the battery cannot be fully recharged. However, the number can be higher if you have left your computer idle for long periods of time. If the Battery Cycling Count is drastically high or low, then there are problems with your battery

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If your battery cycle count says it is no longer functional, there may be more problems than the battery. Take a look at some of the common causes that could make the battery cycle count reading an error.


Let’s look at all the features of the S10. It has a starting price of $36,640 which is comparable to some of the luxurious cars on the market like the Mercedes-Benz S63 and Range Rover Sport but with just as much luxury appeal and performance.

I found from the Microsoft Store that my battery takes a month to recharge a cycle. I’ve also got an old laptop with a 3-year-old battery that took 10 hours of recharging.

To conclude, windows 10 has many powerful features that will make your computer run much smoother and faster.

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