How To Check Cycle Count Of My Mac Battery

Batteries are one of the parts of a device that comprise its power. But what happens when a battery has worn out and you need to invest in a new one? How can you test a battery if your device won’t let you charge it? This article is all about checking your own battery cycle count to help relieve some of the stress of owning an older device by understanding that it’s just old.

Why you should check cycle count of your battery

A battery typically has a cycle count of 300-500. A full charge will last for one year if you use the battery an average of 12 hours per day. If your battery’s cycle count drops below 100, it’ll take longer and cost more to fully charge the battery.

How do you check the cycle count of your battery? Chargers provide information on the state of the battery.

The cycle count is a number many Apple laptop owners measure every time they recharge their battery. It tells you how many times the battery will last before it dies out. Lithium-ion batteries are rated on their max capacity which is generally about four cycles before the battery loses its ability to hold a charge.

How to know the cycle count of your Mac battery

All MacBook models from the last 6 years have several cycles throughout the day. These cycles are listed on your Mac by opening System Preferences and clicking on Battery. A little eye symbol will appear representing the amount of total cycles that your battery has undergone since it was bought. If this number goes down three consecutive times, it’s time for a new battery- but if this number is still 5 or more, it could be due to everything from a faulty device to an incorrect setting.

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Understanding the number of how many times your Mac battery has gone through charging can help ensure that its lifespan is long. If your Mac battery is currently in warranty, you should contact Apple to have the cycle count confirmed. Otherwise, it’s a simple process to see this information on the packaging or by manually checking with a light.

The cycle count of a Mac battery can be checked in a variety of ways. One way is to open your computer’s “System Information.” In this window, click on the Energy tab and then on the Watt-hour item. The other way is to use the MacBook test application which you can find in the Utilities folder. In that same folder, there is also a model number search bar where you can type “m9158” (MacBook 9,1 model number).

This will help your battery last longer

A part of researching how to check cycle count of my mac battery is looking for a system that can quantify battery life. The NiMH Battery Life Calculator does just that. The website will provide you with useful information about your battery and show you how often it has reached various stages of its lifespan.

The idea of keeping a battery long and using it efficiently takes into account that you have a finite amount of time to use the current cycle count.

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It is a very important task to check the cycle count of your battery when you notice that your battery drains faster than usual. If you have to take out the battery from your computer, you can use a multimeter or volt-meter to check your battery`s charge and recommend changes for better performance


One of the most crucial factors in determining how much battery life your Mac has left is monitor when its second hand ticks. This is called it’s cycle count, and you can easily find out how many times your battery has turned by looking at the lower right corner of your screen where the “time remaining” reads. However, doing this every twenty minutes or so is frustrating and simply too tedious for anyone to feel like they’re making real progress towards getting their Mac’s battery back up to the desired 100% capacity

Identifying cobalt-iron oxide (CoFe2O4)

There are many different ways to figure out how often the battery of a Macbook needs a charge. One way is to check the icon on the menu bar. The infinity or crossed swords represents that the battery in performing optimally. If it starts spinning, it means that most of your power is gone and you need a charge immediately. If it is full but not spinning, then you should be able to recharge your battery within ten minutes using an external power source.

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