How To Check Dell Battery Cycle Count

Not all people know how to check the battery cycle count of their dell laptop, but a quick explanation on how you can.

What is an Energy Cycle

A humble battery has a life cycle that is measured in number of discharges and re-loadings. A discharging is when the battery loses its electrical charge, while re-loading is when it gains the charge back again. This process will make the available energy reduced. In order to avoid these problems, dreaxing batteries at regular time intervals are recommended. While this may seem inconvenient, investing in an energy cycle monitor can help tremendously as it can automate detection of problematic batteries and allow better storage management of your precious “energy.”

When an object, such as a laptop battery, uses electricity it undergoes a specific number of “cycles” to charge. A battery’s life is made up of complete cycles; the more cycles an object is subject to, the shorter its life span. The following table summarizes the number of cycles that laptops typically experience under the different conditions.

Dealing with a dell laptop that has started to freeze or lost its battery power is bound to happen eventually. Most dell laptops run on a finite amount of energy due to the technology behind them and will lose charging capacity over time. There are two ways to check the state of the battery: using advanced measurement tools or using your ear. If you’re located in front of the laptop, put your ear next to the battery and you should be able to hear “popping” sound as though something is being pushed out from it.

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How to Determine Your Battery Cycle Count

If you find that your battery has gone from full to empty while you weren’t traveling, it’s possible that the battery has reached its cycle count in 80% of its usable life. If this is the case, you should make an appointment with a d2d certified technician to have the battery replaced immediately.

There are several ways to determine the current battery cycle count. This includes checking the light indicator under the logo on the bottom of your laptop or notebook. You can also use the following equation to determine your battery cycle count: 2 x Battery Capacity = Battery Cycle Count

When you run a Dell laptop battery down to 0%, it turns itself off. To detect and charge your battery when turn off, the laptop sends out a low battery notification event (or is logged into dellsondtev service). This happens even if you do not install your power module


The factory battery is built to last and will have around a 3 year life span. However, after a while and beyond that type of lifespan, it’s beneficial to replace the battery in order to increase the overall lifespan of the computer. The replacement process is actually an easy one considering that dell makes it very clear with the number of charge cycles on the tag below the battery.

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On average, DELL laptops can last up to 5.3 hours on a single charge. This means that your laptop should be able to finish two full workdays before you need to recharge the battery again using the supplied AC adapter. It is important to be aware of how much time your laptop charges in order for you to have time before recharging it again.

If your battery is not charging as fast as expected, it could be that your meter for determining the state of charge is stuck. In order to do this you will have to take out the bonnet and disconnect a number of cables. Next, unhook the big battery from a negative and positive cable before moving onto another. After doing this, put an alligator clip on one end of the wire and connect it on the other to one of these terminals. Using something as small as a paperclip is also effective when using electronic circuits to reconnect after disconnecting them.

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