How To Check The Cycle Count Of A Battery On A Pc Laptop

Playing on your beloved computer can feel like an endless cycle that goes nowhere. Stay with the trend and find out how to continue playing your games without those pesky laptop batteries running out of juice.

What is a battery cycle?

The battery cycle is the total number of times that the battery discharges and recharges by supplying electric current to the circuit. When Nickel-Cadmium or Nickel-Metal-Hydride batteries are used, nine or ten battery cycles may be declared adequate for another electrical discharge. When Lithium-Ion batteries are used, one hundred fifty to two thousand cycles may be necessary for a proper recharge.
There are many other factors that can affect how many battery cycles is needed to “fully” charge your Li-ion battery at any given point in time and those were not discussed here.
Checking your cycle count will help you decide whether
it is time to replace your discharged batteries with new ones or continue using “deteriorated” batteries without taking a chance on their safety

If a laptop battery is consistently performing for less than its original capacity, it might happen more than once. A battery can last up to 5 years with no problems, but it could be necessary to replace the battery in a few months after that. Comparing the current cycle count might be enough reason to purchase a new or refurbished model of the laptop that still has high performance capabilities and won’t heat-up mid conversation.

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Understanding batter cycles is essential if you want to maintain a battery’s lifespan. A puff of air kicks the battery, which starts to discharge electricity into the system. In fact, the majority of smartphones, while they’re charging in some cases, will use this mechanism until fully charged. The full discharge will cook the electrolyte that leads to memory plates and dendrites as they continue to be absorbed back into the electrodes on either side of the plates.

How to check the cycle count of a battery

In order to make sure your battery is still giving you good life, it’s important to check the cycle count.

It is important to know the cycle count of your battery. Cycle count tells you how many times the battery can be discharged and recharged. If it drops below a certain number, your laptop may have trouble with charging or discharging.

Batteries are discharged by the energy of repetitive discharges. You can check the cycle count through a computer by plotting a graph on Excel, Mac or Google Sheets. The y-axis should be time and the x-axis is volts/cell. There seems to be a relationship between cycle count and battery life as demonstrated in Figure 1

How many cycles left on a battery

One of the most important things of owning a laptop is knowing when to replace the battery. With how many cycles left, you can decide whether or not to purchase a new one or wait. This blog will provide helpful tips on checking your laptop cycle count.

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There are many different factors that contribute to the battery’s longevity. One of these factors is how often the battery is used. If a laptop battery is used every day, the lifespan may only be a couple of years. There are many methods that can be implemented in order to check the cycle count of a laptop battery.

Don’t worry about the number of cycles on your battery, as long as it is within manufacturer specifications, you should be fine. How many cycles left on a battery depends strongly on the battery’s capacity. For example, ordinary Li-ion batteries can have a cycle count of around 400 and an MTBF of up to 2500.


According to the blog, this should be done by going to the BIOS and then looking for the “battery” tab. Afterward, click on it and look at all of the battery information – volts, milliamperes, cycles. From there, if you see an alarm sign meaning a low cycle count, “call your local service center,” according to the blog.

A laptop battery is easy to check by looking for a sticker telling the cycle count of the battery. If it says 400, then the battery was manufactured in either 2014 or 2015. You should replace your battery when it is reaching 300 on its cycle count so that you know when to purchase a new one.

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We, have reached our conclusion with this blog on how to check the cycle count of a battery on a pc laptop. We hope that you’ve gotten what you wanted from this blog on how to check the cycle count of a battery on a pc laptop so that you can use this information to maintain your laptop’s battery or find proper charging.

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