How To Count Battery Cycles On Macbook

Leaving your macbook plugged in for more than 8 hours is bad for the battery. Learn how to accurately track battery cycles on your Mac.

How to count battery cycles on macbook

A battery’s lifespan is influenced by how often the battery cycles, how much it is used over time and how often it self-discharges. When a battery ages, its performance decreases due to wear and tear as well as deterioration in Lithium ion cell oxidation.
The number of times a battery is cycled during its lifetime plays an important role then what its age is. A battery will last longer if it doesn’t get so many cycles, but using it more will also extend the cycle count.

how to count battery cycles on macbook

Users should not make too much of the battery. Sometimes you may have to charge your MacBook, which might mean that there are 4 cycles. If an important meeting is coming up, they could lay their device down for a few hours or put it in standby mode and use it after the meeting.

What if it shuts off automatically?

You probably know by now that a laptop battery cannot hold a charge forever. The lifespan of the battery varies depending on how and how much you use it. Although there is no specific number to determine the battery cycle, we can tell when it’s time to get rid of the old battery because your laptop will automatically turn off if you run out of power.

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A helpful article on how to count battery cycles on a MacBook

If your macbook automatically shuts itself off, it is because it has reached the end of its battery cycle life. The earliest shut downs happen after 352 days or 2 years and 3 months, depending on what year you bought the laptop. It is normal for batteries to lose up to 20% of their total capacity within one year and for electronics charge cycles to decrease by about 10% per month


If you’re ever wondering just how much battery cycles your MacBook has left, the simplest way to find this number is to open up iTunes. Scroll down and click on About This Mac. Beneath Battery Life, you will see a function called “The number of times your computer’s battery powered during its estimated life-cycle.”

macbook battery life is affected by a variety of things, such as how many hours you use the computer, whether or not it has been power cycled, and its overall age.

The truth is that nobody actually knows how to estimate exactly how many battery cycles your MacBook will produce. It is impossible to accurately estimate the number of cycle because they vary based on time, conditions, subsystems, use, etc.

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