How To Delete Battery Usage History Iphone

If you want to delete your iPhone’s battery usage history, this tutorial will show you the steps.

What is battery usage history iphone

While there is no comprehensive information on how battery usage history iphone works, it seems to track how many times a certain app has been used, the amount of power each app uses, and the last time that specific app was used. This can be something that helps people better manage their personal use of their iPhone and decrease background apps.

Anyone who has an iPhone knows that battery usage history can prove useful. If a person has a phone with a low battery while they’re in the middle of nowhere and they have to connect via phone charger, they have some good info to go by. It can also provide peace of mind while travelling. That said, it’s not easy to remove the information once it’s there.

On the iPhone, a battery usage history allows you to use the location services and GPS tracking options. When your phone starts being used less, you can use the location settings on your phone to save where it has been. If you now want to erase those locations, then plug in your phone to an outlet and hold down the power button until you reach a little skull logo at its bottom left corner. After this scroll all the way down until reaching “Erase” and press Erase Now.

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How can I delete battery usage history iphone

Deleting a battery usage history is easier than most people think. For starters, you will need your phone with you to do this so make sure that it is in your pocket or bag before going through the process. Next, press and hold the volume button on the side of the phone for two seconds. Once the information screen appears, navigate to settings and navigate to settings again until location services are visible on the screen. Scroll all the way down to use policy and scroll back up to see battery life history. Next, select delete batteries usage records, followed by confirmation prompts.

To delete battery usage history, iphone users need to perform a hard restart of their phone. To hard restart your iphone, go to Settings: General: Top Row and then tap on Reset. After performing this action, the page will list all apps that have been automatically moved by the reset process. Use these steps to delete information about the batteries usage on your phone

To delete your battery usage history iphone, restart or plug out your device and go to settings. Then go to general and scroll down until you find “usage statistics” then tap on it. You will then see the option to clear usage data.

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How and Why to Disable Battery Usage History for iPhone

It’s understandable why iOS developers thought it would be helpful to keep a record of where the iPhone has traveled in the event that a user wants to know where they spent their time on a phone call. This isn’t just an annoyance – some departments use iPhones to collect evidence, and many companies kept track of factory workers movements through GPS tracking.

iOS explains that the battery usage history is helpful for gauging your battery’s efficiency, with which you can optimize your device for greater longevity and performance. However, due to privacy concerns, many users would like to have their Apple devices delete this data from its memory to ensure that nobody takes a peek at what they are doing while recharging. Here are three methods:
Method 1) Hold the power button on either of your iPhone 6/6 Plus, iPhone 5s/5c and later models
Method 2) Remap Accessibility Button
Method 3) Delete the history within iBooks

In the settings of your iPhone, there is a tab called General –> Battery Usage. If desired, you can completely hide the cell phone usage for any time starting from last 24 hours! Just tap on it and select “Don’t Show”.


Apple’s battery consumption software has been catching some heat lately in the wake of people noticing that the iPhone 6S’s battery offers less time when looking for a signal or phone call. The company says that the claim is false, but after so many outraged customers it looks likely that Apple might change its smart usage software to reflect truthfully how long each step on the screen will last.

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Last year, Apple finally allowed its users to delete battery usage history iphone. In addition, an upgrade was introduced that allows them to charge their devices using solar energy.

Apple never explains why battery usage gets saved in the first place. Some have called it suspicious since Apple doesn’t know what users need to do on their phone for every day drains of power in order to save power. In addition to being more secure, one easy method to delete your activity logs and battery history that works with iOS 12 is to go into settings > general > iPhone battery history. Once you are there, all the apps you’ve been using will show up but you can select them individually to delete or clear all data.

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