How To Find Battery Count On 2008 Macbbok Pro

Have ever wondered how long the battery would last on your Mac before it needed a charge? Well, maybe you shouldn’t anymore- after all, your computer knows thanks to some fancy software that understands what is going on inside the unit. So, in this article we’ll be taking a look at how to find battery count for 2012 iMac!

What is the Battery Life

For laptops in the 2008 macbook pro, the battery life depends mainly on how long you run it without being plugged in. The 2009 macbook air can be measured using a meter. This meter lets you measure the current and voltage in watts to determine the battery life

The battery life varies from owner to owner. Some battery lasts for just a few hours, while some people may be able to use up their batteries within an hour and others could use up their batteries in several hours. The maximum number of cycles the battery is able to withstand −85% before it starts losing quality before the time expires.

There are many ways of determining the battery life for your particular laptop. One way is to find the serial number on your laptop and then search for that number on ebay or elsewhere to determine how quickly the battery may begin to degraded. Doing this is a relatively simple process, but will help you save money in the long run by purchasing a new battery.

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How to Find Battery Count

The easiest way to find the battery count on a MacBook is the bottom right corner of the device’s case. You will find the battery status there or if you are looking at your power supply in layman’s terms, that little box with a 6 on it let’s you know how much juice is left.

To find the battery count on a 2008 macbook pro, the first step is to open power icon in top left corner and click laptop. You will then see an icon on the right side with a number inside it that reads MacBook-2Q2-A3. This means that there are two batteries, one in 2nd position, and one in 3rd position.

To find the battery count on your MacBook, open an application called “System Information.” This app should be located in /Applications/Utilities. The battery will have a listed name, as well as a capacity and percentage.


If you’re like me, you’ll want to know if your old battery is still putting out a charge. Let’s say you Macbook has stopped showing the time and you are wondering what happened. When your on hunt for clues about your Macbook, have no fear because old batteries can typically hold their charge for around 500-1000 hours depending on which MacBook model you had.

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Although you might find batteries differently on your old authoring software, it’s still a good idea to know how many there are at a glance. This can make it easier to tell if your comput…

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