How To Find Battery Cycle Count On Windows

Whether you use your computer or smartphone before heading off to work in the morning, there’s a chance that you might need to know how many times the battery has been discharged. One way you could do this is by checking the Windows Battery dialogue under Power in the Control panel, but there are also apps available for both smartphones and computers for quickly finding battery cycle count.

What is the Battery Cycle Count

Many batteries have a warning on the sticker somewhere. This is a battery cycle count and if you keep track of this number it will allow you to maintain your battery in good health.

The battery cycle count is a key statistic on the battery’s performance. The battery will perform poorly after reaching a certain amount of charge and discharge cycles. This can often cause an early replacement decision.

How to track the Battery Cycle Count

If you are unsure whether your battery is performing at its best, tracking its cycle count is a good step. Turn to the Windows settings menu and enter the “Performance” page. Under System Information, click on “Battery Cycle Count” to find this information out.

Battery cycle counts can be tracked by entering the Windows “Battery” settings. Here, the battery’s status information and life cycle are detailed in viewable numbers.

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How to check the battery cycle count on Windows 10

Microsoft has revealed the battery cycle count for individual batteries on Windows 10 in the settings menu. This allows users to track their battery usage as well as identify when it needs to be replaced. To access the value on Windows 10, click on Settings and then select Policies > Change PC settings > Power & sleep > Batteries. There you can find your individual Batteries with an indicator of whether they are functioning properly currently by a green icon or a black spinning icon depending on how long the batteries have been running the last day.

By clicking the battery icon located in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen, you can view a quick history of how many times your battery has charged and discharged. You will be able to see how many crashes your battery had, how long it managed to stay alive for, and when it was last left on unused power.

Windows 10 has an option to view the battery cycle count on your PC. You can access it by going to Settings > System > Power & sleep. This app is only available in Windows Insider builds, which means you have to be a user running early insider builds of the operating system. To be able to find this function via Settings, join the windows insider program for free, or switch to Pro for $5/month.

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How to determine when to replace your batteries

The best way to find your battery cycle count is to use a meter that attaches to the cigarette lighter on your car. These meters are fairly inexpensive and are typically about $20. The number will indicate how many times you can put the old batteries into a cell phone, laptop, or other battery-powered device before it drains the batteries quickly. When the limit is reached, it’s time to replace your batteries.

Windows 10 includes a trickle charger to maintain battery voltage, but typically, you’ll want to replace your battery every three years. You also need to consider how your car operates when it’s on the move or stationary.

Every battery has a cycle count, which is the number of times it will go through complete recharge and then completely discharge. The number of cycles can help determine the lifespan of batteries. Batteries typically want to be replaced when the cycle count is around 800 or lower for typical NiMH batteries and higher for L-Ni-MH batteries.


Windows decreases the battery cycle count by modifying their power saving settings. This means that your battery will expire faster and consider retiring earlier than originally designed.

In conclusion, the battery cycle count is an estimated life span of one hour for each single discharge. This means that the window sticker will list a battery cycle count around 100,000 hours.

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The battery cycle count is a battery score that allows a person to find out how many times the battery has been charged and discharged. It basically tells a person how new it might be.

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