How To Find Iphone Battery Cycle Count

While your battery is waiting for a charge, its icon will show an iphone battery cycle count. This works similarly to how computer software will alert you that the disk space has been found to be nearly full and may use up your hard drive space quickly. iPhone keeps track of the number of times it has charged and discharged batteries to compensate for how often the power level drops below 20 percent, providing users with a well-guided process to extend their battery life.

Find how many times iPhone has been charged

Many people are curious about how many times their device has been charged. To figure this out, some people turn to third parties such as website “batteryuncount.” With this website, you can find the answer in a few seconds. The website also includes other important features such as battery degradation rate and voltage drop rate.

Find how long battery has been used before last charge

The first and easiest way to learn how long your phone’s battery has been used before last charge is to download the “Batteries” iPhone app. You will find a list of all the battery charges for your device. Another important way is asking your phone dealer, or if you’ve lost everything, taking it to a store that sells electronics such as Best Buy and having them check the internal storage of your device.

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Find battery status

If you want to know how many times the iphone batteries has been charged and discharged, then in iPhone settings tap general, cycle count. This will show you each time the battery has changed hands to provide you with a rough estimate of usage.

Sleep mode

When the iPhone is not in use, it can go into sleep mode. The phone will automatically enter a low-power state when the battery on the device has been used up or depleted. Sleep mode can last anywhere from 1 hour to, according to Apple, “up to 3 hours of continuous use”.

Data usage

Battery cycle count is an metric that determines how often your phone has charged to 100%. However, it’s used to identify the battery’s health. The higher the number, the better.

Battery cycle count

Battery cycle count is a measure used to report on the life of lithium ion batteries. A battery is usually said to have 1,000 of charge-discharge cycles before it has reached the end of its lifetime and no longer holds the capacity that make for optimal mobility.


Using iPhone over 18 hours a day you can drain your battery in under six years. If your phone experiences a longer charge and shorter discharge cycle, it is said that your battery will live up to 4 times longer than those of the less efficient phone. The best way to conserve battery life is using the iOS dark mode. It turns down screen brightness, limits some background tasks, and deactivates Wi-Fi.

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