How To Find Out Cycle Count On Macbook Battery

If you’re having a problem with your macbook battery, as some people are occasionally, this article from Apple support explains how to use the AC power adapter instead of the MacBook plug to see how many times your battery has been charged. If it’s rare or uncommon for your computer that would make sense in an article.

How to find out cycle count on MacBook battery

The cycle count is not readily available to the user while they are charging the battery. Instead, there are visual indicators on the screen that display if the charge is low or high. When you plug in a MacBook charger, first you will see 2 lights appear at the bottom of the screen. The middle light is green, which means that your battery level is above 30%. As soon as the left light turns red and flashes, then this signals that you are low on charge.

To test your battery’s capacity, count how many times you can charge and discharge it before the level of capacity changes.

There are two ways to estimate the cycle count of a MacBook battery. The first and easiest way is open up Finder and click on the battery icon. If you scroll over your battery, it will tell you how many “cycles-remaining” it has left in green letters in the pie graph. In the same window, called “System Status,” it will also display your Apple battery’s cycle count, which can also be found in green numbers.

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Cycle Counts and Technical Specifications of MacBook Batteries

Cycle counts, a measure of how many times a battery has been charged, are usually written on the technical specifications of batteries. These numbers are rated for discharge cycles and charging cycles. In charge cycles, a battery is repeatedly charged and discharged to gauge its condition. In discharge cycles, the battery is actively used until it cannot hold any more electricity in before being recharged. This can be done through USB to get electricity from an outlet or over extended time periods.

A MacBook battery’s cycle count is a statement of how many times it should be replaced. Batteries have a limited number of cycles, after which they will stop accepting charge and require replacement. Battery cycle counts are found on the Apple website under System Information in the SMC Firmware folder.

A cycle count is a term that refers to the amount of times your device’s battery can undergo discharge-charge operation cycles per unit time. If you use your laptop, go on social media, or play a game with high energy intensity, expect the cycle count for your battery to be shorter. The shorter the cycle count is, the longer your battery will last.
A projection for today could be up to 100-200 cycles per hour and up to 500 (5 hundred) cycles total by 2020. So it would take around 100 hours

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What You Should Know When Buying a Repair

What you should know when buying a new battery or you already have an old one is how to tell if a company can repair your battery. You should be paying attention to the number of cycles that are left on the battery. This will help estimate how many more times it can be cycled. For instance, a 400 cycles battery can get 500 cycles before it’s 5%.

Know how important the type of model of motherboard makes these speed differences. Know that macbook batteries must be taken out and then checked almost everyday. That is because they break quickly and pop in a bubble. They also degrade over time but at a certain rate.

Many people don’t like to buy a battery on their own and drop it off with a service provider. While some people use this method to avoid the price of getting it fixed, others find it more cost-effective if they are unsure of what model they need as that would determine what type of job is done. As other step, asking your provider will give you a quick rundown of the cycle count and how long before you should might need a new battery.


The first thing you want to do is locate your battery. This can be one of the most confusing operations, though it’s not too bad because it’s made in a very distinct way.

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Most of the modern lithium-ion batteries include a cycle count. These cycles can be identified with a dipstick that’s inserted into the battery slot. The cycle count on your battery is in this dipstick, along with its specifications and more information about the battery itself. Doing research on the internet will let you know more details including what tasks the battery is best used for, such as powering your laptop computer or car.

Following the onscreen instructions, each of my items are destroyed. This included both my SD cards, external hard drives and even my keyboard! With Apple advising that it is best to replace all batteries at the same time, as to avoid potential damage.

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