How To Find The Battery Cycle Count On An Apple Macbook

What is the battery cycle count on an apple macbook? This surprisingly easy question comes to mind when your laptop unexpectedly shuts off or the battery light flashes red just as you’re finishing up a project.

What is the Battery Cycle Count?

The battery cycle count is a function for interacting with the Operation Screens in macOS which lets you know how much time is remaining before your MacBook battery will automatically shut down and initiate an emergency shutdown.

The battery cycle count is the number of times that your Apple laptop’s battery can produce and discharge juice. Laptops typically have batteries with “cycle counts” starting at 1,000 and going upwards to 4,000-5,000.

The Battery Cycle Count is the time that has elapsed since your MacBook Air was last fully charged. If the machine is already new, this number could be significantly high. The batteries in each of your MacBooks have a life expectancy and will eventually start to lose their charge over time.

How to Find the Battery Cycle Count

The cycles of the battery can depend on how long the laptop stays plugged in. If a laptop goes for about 9 hours without being unplugged, it might have 4 counts. The cycles will go up each time the battery gets discharged and then charged 60% of that number to 5 counts, then 6 counts, etc. If a laptop with this much usage has 3000 charges, it’s likely going to reach 100000 battery cycle count.

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Powercycles per day: Change the power cycling time on your Mac to every 7 days. You’ll restart every single time

The battery cycle count is an important number that tells you how long the battery has been on. cycling it will make the battery healthier for longer uses. Occasionally powering down your laptop can extend the lifespan of your laptop by over 300% because it prevents degradation and lowers voltage. Lowering your screen brightness and shutting down your laptop when not in use can also help preserve the battery cycle count

How to change the battery cycle count

Many battery cycles are needed for the MacBook Air to work as it should. However, if there has been no charging in a long time, the computer will automatically shut down after fewer than 20% of its battery. Fifteen percent of batteries will fully degrade each year in normal use, so they need to be replaced at some point.

To manually enter the number of battery cycles, you must locate a soft key called Cycle Start. You can find this key on your MacBook Pro’s top-left corner on the keyboard. With your hands hovering over this key, press and hold Shift+Option+Eject. A box should disappear revealing a hard number in text.

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The battery cycle count is a number that shows how many times the battery has been used before it’s full. The MacBook will send this information to Apple when you push “Option + R” and your password. If this count exceeds 100 percent then, depending on the size of your MacBook, your laptop could shut down or won’t charge as well. So updating this number regularly can help make sure the battery is always in optimum condition for performance and life.


The first and foremost thing to do with any battery-powered device is to make sure that it has been turned off and stored in a safe place. This way, you will be able to find the battery cycle count for your device without difficulty. The process of finding the cycle count is relatively easy if you know what you’re looking for. You will just need to gain access to the battery box or leave your device connected while it’s off. If neither of these options are available, plug your device into an outlet until it can no longer be charged.

Several online searches will yield a number of potential solutions as well as often conflicting solutions, which makes it hard to decide on the best method to find this metric. Manual resetting doesn’t work because the computer won’t boot back up and a reinstallation or factory reset isn’t available since it’s a non-removable gear. However, several tests done through different sources yielded positive results for choosing Apple’s “About This Mac” feature under “More Info”. One can also input command-Option-Command-“/Applications/Utilities/”Activity Monitor” in terminal to view the total usage on that particular battery life cycle.

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After scrubbing through all the important document files and memories on your computer, you’ll come across a file with the word “battery” at the beginning. After opening up this file and going to the very bottom, you’ll discover that your power-hungry laptop has 6400 (in other words, battery cycle count).

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