How To Get Battery Cycle Count On Macbook

The article provides two ways for macbook users to get the battery cycle count, including saving a text file on your Mac or using Battery Historian from Apple.

what is battery cycle count

you can have a battery cycle count on just about any laptop or computer device. It’s an indicator that shows how many times the battery has been used and how long it had been kept in fully charged mode. Battery cycle counts are usually presented while they are charging or running off power.

Next is a feature called “battery cycle count.” It measures the battery’s age. On my Macbook, the percentage of battery capacity lost over time appears in the System Diagnostics window. By default, the system puts out an estimated age of 21% to 30%.

Battery cycle count is the amount of complete discharge, recharge, and timing cycles a battery undergoes throughout its lifetime. Each charge-discharge cycle for this battery has not been fewer than 80% of all the recharge cycles in its life span.

how to get battery cycle count on macbook

many people have a question about the battery on their macbook, why does it stop running? When the laptop is completely charged and fully in use all of the power leaks out. This “leak” can’t always be seen from a rack, but the computer might tell you if your battery life has gotten worse or better.

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At the end of each day, take before bed if possible to put your MacBook on charge, and see how many cycles it is through the battery. This lets you know if your battry even needs a charge or not and helps prevent overcharging.

Battery cycle count explained

When your laptop is running, it will use up some battery power even if the laptop is mostly plugged in. That’s because it has to keep the battery warm and full in addition to powering the computer.

Macbook uses lithium-ion battery that is said to be continuingly calibrated and updated. This seemingly complicated process benefits the user as it increases efficiency and could potentially allow for safety features too. Eventually, it is believed that laptops will become fully electric and drivers won’t need to worry about currency exchange.

Just like your cell phone battery, a computer’s battery also has a cycle count that can be used to estimate how long it will last. Battery cycle count is “a measure of the total number of charge and discharge cycles that the battery in the device has seen since its manufacture. It cannot tell you how long exactly a particular device will last but rather how far off the predictions made by battery manufacturers.” on MacBooks. When your laptop is plugged into power, you will see For Usage This computation takes approximately 2 minutes in front of your Mac OS battery status percentage.

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Pros and Cons of mAh vs Wh

The mAh and Wh values of the batteries on your laptop could be quite confusing. The mAs metric is often grouped with the voltage, taking into account any capacity multiplied by an Ampere-hour value. However, don’t assume that a more mAh battery is better; it takes time to recharge a battery but most laptops are not really fast charge compatible because their charging circuits are clunky. If you’re looking for complete battery life, then it would make sense to buy a battery with a high Wh rating even if it means paying more at the initial stage

Although battery cycle count is also measured in watts, for the sake of simplicity, it is usually measured in milliamp hours (mAh). So how do you get battery cycle count on your MacBook? Let’s consider a model that has 8.75 mAh and rate the battery according to the amperage needed to fully run it 10 hours. If this laptop requires 0.5Watts, it will have a cycle life of 1.325Wh which is equivalent to one-hundred 4 hour daily duty cycles.

the estimated range of the mAh is approximately 40% more than a Wh.


With Apple Battery Cycle Count you can find out how long your battery has been stored. This will provide a good reference when finding out if your MacBook currently has enough power to operate on. Since this information is at the software level, any storage destination can display it with the same data.

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The first thing to notice is that there are two values provided on this screen. The background of the screen displayed “pending cycles” which begins with a value of 1 and counts up as they depart. The count that you are most interested in reading is the number on the right side of the screen which reads 168.

You’ve learned some amazing things in this blog. Most notably, you found out how to get the battery cycle count on a MacBook Pro. You also know that rebooting your device can reverse its lifespan. If you own a laptop and have any questions not answered in this blog, feel free to reach out to us in the comments section!

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