How To Get Battery Icon On Taskbar

Sometimes it’s difficult to know whether your laptop is running on battery power or not, but that doesn’t mean that you should just abandon your laptop and check later. There are a couple quick tricks to get this information on Windows 10, so keep scrolling to learn how the battery icon works!

How to get battery icon on taskbar

There is an icon that indicates the battery life or state of the power charger on the taskbar. This button will be visible in the picture at the top of this section and it looks similar to a battery inside a circle.

One of the most helpful parts of your desktop is getting a battery icon indicator on your taskbar so you know how much power you have left. It can be difficult to figure out where or how to do this, so I’ve provided some alternatives as well as some helpful methods on where and how to search for the icon.

Investing in a laptop battery will be necessary for many people. One way to display the amount of time until your laptop battery dies is through placing your mouse over the battery icon on Windows, however this only distinctly displays minutes and hours. What you need to do is go into taskbar settings and then click “display options”. This will ask you which percentage closer to empty or full that you’d like the icon to display.

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In order for Windows to be able to use your laptop battery, you’ll have to do a few things. First, you’ll need to make sure the battery is 100% charged. Next, charge it all the way- the taskbar will now be able to see your battery level. Finally, once you’ve done so, go back into your settings. On the “Start” tab at the bottom of the window click on “energy usage” and find where it says “battery usage.” You should then see how much time your laptop’s battery will last according to Windows (IE: 24 hours) and can easily figure out how long it’ll take….

If you want to get the battery icon on your task bar click the start button in your lower left corner and then change display icons. This will open a list of display icons and hit “add.” Next, select “batteries plugged in” from the list. You can do this by either typing it in or simply browsing until you find the one you want.

Unfortunately, there is no work-around as of now. Currently, the only solution for this problem would be to upgrade your computer.

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