How To Get Laptop Battery Cycle Count

A guide to getting your laptop battery’s lifespan as long as possible.


There are many steps that you can take to save battery while not taking away from performance. First, disable all unnecessary processes to use battery sparingly. Certain apps or Internet-based services are known to consume a large amount of battery life. One simple and effective step is turning off the “locally stored data sharing”. Laptop battery life depends heavily on charge left remaining in it while you’re not using it.

One way to get the estimated number of times your lithium ion battery can be used before it dies is to plug it into a battery checker. This tool takes the voltage, which is measured directly in real time, down to the per-cell level and shows you how long your battery has until it is completely depleted.

A laptop battery cycle count is an estimate of the total number that a laptop battery can power an electronic device over the course of 24 hours. Most laptops have a cycle count ranging from 500 to 1000 per day. To estimate the battery life extension of your current/new battery, divide your previous cycle count by 2. Laptop batteries have a life span between 3 and 5 years with 250-500 cycles per year for most laptops.

How to Measure Battery Cycles

Over time, a laptop battery will cycle on and off. Making it discharge and recharge would, in theory, help the battery last longer. The number of cycles and the degradation of your battery can suggest how often you’ll need a new charging cycle. To calculate how many cycles you’ve gone through, divide the number of hours by five to get an approximate the number of cycles since first use.

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To find out the number of battery cycles your laptop has gone through, you will need a stopwatch and thumbtacks. Set the stopwatch to one minute and tack it to the surface of your battery for every 10 minutes that have passed. This can be difficult because batteries don’t always fill up evenly. If your result isn’t what you expected, try adding up some more. When you get close, subtract one from your cumulative time until time equals 05001 .

It is not possible to predict when your laptop’s battery will last. That is because every laptop is different and uses more or less battery in order to operate. If you use it while plugged in, then there won’t be a need for batteries once charging begins. However, the computer will shut down if you are unplugged for more than an hour. There are two ways for you to know how much battery power your laptop has left and those ways are measuring the cycles and looking at the charge percentage bar on the screen.

Differences between Battery Cycle Count and Battery Life

There are some crucial differences between cycle count and battery life. Cycle count is a measure of how many times an electric device has been used. This does not pertain to the number of hours that an electronic product has run on or off its original battery charge, but rather it’s a measurement from when it was first used until when it will potentially be able to accept another charge.

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Battery cycle count is the number of charge and discharge cycles a battery has experienced. Battery life is what it lasts, but varies depending on the usage of the product. For example, a cell phone’s battery life would be shorter if it was constantly used while battery cycle count would remain relatively unaffected.

Battery cycle count is how long the battery on a battery-operated device has been used starting from when the device was fully charged. Battery lifetime is how long the battery on a battery-operated device will last or last until it needs to be recharged, just like distance traveled. For example, you might have a laptop that can last an hour without getting charged. When you get closer to running out of things to do with your laptop, it’s time to start thinking about buying a new one. This is often because some types of batteries stop within 100 cycles, meaning after 1 year of use, the battery becomes unusable.


One way to increase the battery lifespan is to switch your power source from being plugged into the wall to being plugged into your car. Not only does this get you out and about more often, but it also means your laptop will always have access to a power source that is charged up.

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Apple products can last up to a two-year usage cycle, whereas computers with lower battery life may only last for six months. If you want to know how long your laptop will last before getting a new battery, enter the “System Report” on your device. Do this by going to System -> About -> Battery Usage. When you get the slider at 100 percent capacity, it means your battery is at its end of life and needs replacing, but 100 percent capacity is usually reached before the end of the two-year usage cycle.

Since laptop batteries are not as robust as other types of batteries, they will lose power and die sooner. The best way to get the cycle count increased is by making sure that the battery is charged often when it needs charging. The fastest way to do this is don’t let the laptop go below 15%.

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