How To Get The Battery Cycle Count Windows 10

This article describes how to get the battery cycle count you need on your Windows 10 PC.

Battery Cycle Count

Battery cycle count has been a particular issue in Windows 10. If you don’t properly maintain your battery, it could have one or more cycle before it is degraded and quickly loses its capacity to perform as well

Battery cycle count varies based on different aspects of the battery such as conditions and usage. Battery Manufacturer (battery cycle count)

Battery cycle count windows 10 is a utility for computer operating system, which indicates how many times the battery has been charged or discharged. The indicator can be displayed in the battery icon menu in taskbar as well as on the system tray (on right-bottom corner of the screen).

How to reset the battery cycle count

If your battery cycle count is stuck at 1, then the only way to reset it would be through turning off the system and restarting your computer. This means if you leave the laptop plugged in and the sleep function on, there are a few more cycles of charge before the system will automatically shut down.

Microsoft’s latest operating system 10 includes a “battery cycle count.” This is a number that goes up every time the battery discharges.

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Windows 10 keeps track of how often you charge your battery. This is useful for gauging the overall health of your battery. If the use and number of cycles is too high or too low, the system will provide recommendations for maintenance. However, if you want to reset the cycle count, restart your computer’s battery manager application in Power Options under System & Security on Windows 10 (or in Change plan settings on Windows 8).


Concluding that was easy! Now, if you want to wait for the new OS to finish installing on your computer, don’t. Just start a task manager window and end all of the apps, then shut down your computer to save electricity and battery life. The real value in this answer isn’t in how long it’ll take but how simple getting that information is.

One of the great benefits of using windows 10 is that you can monitor the battery cycle count, which is under the energy settings in the personalization section. This shows your battery life left, how many charging cycles your battery has undergone, and what kind of power consumption your computer is putting out.

This can be found in personalization. The two windows that were shown were the Battery cycle and Battery capacity. The battery cycle count is how many times the battery already went through its full charging process and was then discharged to power your laptop. The maximum number of battery cycles is 400000000, approximately 375 years!

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