How To Know My Battery Count On Macbook Pro

Apple always makes their machines with incredible battery life in mind, which is why wanting to know your battery count on a laptop can be a crucial question. While most of our compositions didn’t work out so well, there are some reliable ways to figure out what the battery capacity is turning into for you on your laptop.

What is the Battery Indicator on macOS

The Battery Indicator is a simple view in the menu bar of your main menu bar. It just displays how much battery life you have left on your MacBook Pro.

Battery Indicators in macOS

Many Apple laptops are equipped with a battery indicator that lets you know how much power is left. When there is enough power, the light indicates that the laptop is fully charged and ready to use. If your laptop has a MacBook Pro model, it will also show you how many minutes of browsing/working time you have before charging.

Tips on how to remove the battery indicator

the MacBook Pro battery indicator is one of those few things that always go by unnoticed. It seems like you only notice the indicator once it’s time to add more space on your system and you’re running out of a room to put it in. But its not just an inconvenience, it can also mean that you might need to repair or replace your battery. To avoid problems like this, CNET provides a few steps on how to remove the battery indicator from your MacBook Pro.

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Method of removing the battery indicator on macbook pro

By following a few simple steps, it is possible to remove the battery indicator on a macbook pro. First, shut down the computer and take out the battery pack. Plug the device back in and wait six seconds. Then quickly disconnect all connections plugged into the laptop. Wait 45 seconds before reconnecting any connections.


The only way to know for sure how many hours you can you battery is on a MacBook Pro is just by turning it on and looking at the battery indicator.

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