How To Obtain The Battery Cycle Count

This blog post provides information on how to easily obtain the battery cycle count without having to enter your laptop’s BIOS and manually check this setting. To obtain the cycle count for a wireless computer or non-battery powered device, go to Battery Info (or Power Info) in Task Manager.

What is the battery cycle count?

The battery cycle count is how many times a Tesla battery has gone through a complete charging process. After reaching a certain number of cycles the batteries are no longer useful and need to be replaced. As the costs continue to rise, it will get more and more expensive to replace new batteries with old ones that have been under taking multiple charges.

The battery cycle count is used to determine the age of a lithium-ion battery. It is measured in minutes at rates when the average battery operates to its full potential, so this number can’t be compared with other battery technologies. A typical solar panel operated for an hour and 30 minutes ever day, which means that over six years, it created one cycle every day.

The battery cycle count is the number of times the battery in one car enters a complete recharge cycle with no significant damage. A higher number means that the battery has been exposed to more power, which makes it likely dead sooner.

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Battery Life Tip: Avoid High Drain Activities

Having a long battery life will benefit your vehicle because how much it can go before your battery dies. For example, if you have a 20-mile nightly route and you require about 8 hours for your battery to be fully recharged, you would need to make partial charges every day. Some activities that drain battery power could be watching movies or answering emails during the commute.

If you want to preserve the life of your battery, avoid using high-drain devices while it is recharging. Instead, charge your devices overnight and unplug them when they are fully charged. Some other things that can short battery life are accessing global positioning systems (GPS) before fully charging or leaving a GPS connected to power through the vehicle’s cigarette lighter.

Tesla cars have an “in-built setting” that will read the battery cycle count. This way, the user can know how many times the car has been turned on and off. By knowing this information, an owner can avoid high drain activities, such as leaving their Tesla running in a parking lot for hours.

How to obtain the battery cycle count

How to obtain this battery cycle count can vary, but here are some examples of how to determine it.
· When the car is charging and discharging the battery, record the number of full cycles
· Enter the voltage drop from uncharged battery at 0 V on one terminal to fully charged battery voltage on another terminal

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To know how many times a Tesla battery has been charged and discharged, you need to either download an app or search online for the service manual. Under “battery” on page 141, there are graphs that show the overall life cycle of each battery.

To get the cycle count, start your charger/mains cable and leave it connected with no power to the bike at all while still plugged in. After you’ve done this, unplug it from power supply and turn back on. Once your battery has a full charge, insert the other end of the charger into something that can take off charge current i.e., wall outlet etc. The number should appear on screen if the battery is in 24 hours mode…


Getting a battery cycle count can be beneficial for all buyers. Those who are into electric cars will find it helpful in finding the overall state of their battery at the time of purchase and getting advice on when to have the battery replaced. For those needing a new car with a durable, reliable, and long-lasting battery, they will get all the benefits they need most while not having to worry about reliability because they now have a good understanding of how much the battery has been used.

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You can use the battery cycle count to better inform you as a customer. For example, if you are buying an electric vehicle, it’s important to know the average life span of a Tesla before committing. With this information

To obtain the battery cycle count on a Samsung Galaxy S5 device, open the “Settings” and navigate to “battery”. On the next screen, tap or click on “battery info” under “devices.” From there you can find very detailed information about your battery.

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