How To Reduce Battery Cycle Count

A few factors you can use to reduce battery cycle count. All of these are things that you need to factor in when deciding what your Laptop is charging too.

Why Continuously Charging Batteries is Unwise

Although it’s true that continuously charging a battery could reduce the number of cycles that is currently needed, continuous use of this strategy leads to an inconsistent amount of charge. On average, one percent more charge will be stored when batteries are charged in 30 minute sessions instead of 90-minute sessions. The result will be decreased repair costs and an overall gain in the durability and mpg performance.

If a battery’s cycle count is taken into account, it can make a significant difference in the extent to which the battery can hold its charge. For example, batteries designed for intermittent use might require a 20-hour charge while those designed to be continuously used would only require an 8-hour charge. Between these two features, any buyer should take a look at what their needs are and choose accordingly.

Battery cycling is harmful to the battery, and lowering its cycle count is one of the best ways to prolong its life. Advanced battery management allows all lithium batteries to last up to three times as long in storage as they would without care under a condition known as deep-cycling. This method prevents battery shutdowns, restores capacities after constant discharges, and recharges batteries fully, often on much less time than with other methods.

How to Reduce Your Battery Cycle Count

There are a few things that you can do to help reduce the life of your electric car’s battery. These include not parking your car in direct sunlight and avoiding high performance driving or unnecessary honking.

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Many of the things we own consume energy, even when they’re not in use. Most of these objects need to be plugged in everyday or even often, which leads to significant battery usage and a higher draw on cheap sources of energy. You can reduce your battery cycle count by unplugging devices that are attached to power cords when they are not needed or by taking as many breaks (turning off the TV, turning off the Roku) as you can.

There are three major causes that make up battery cycles – driving, intense uses of your battery, and charging the battery. If you find your car losing power or exhibiting strange behavior, there is a good chance that you have exceeded the recommended number of battery cycles. Below we touch on how to potentially decrease your cycle usage in three different ways.

What are battery cycles?

What type of battery cycle is best? If a battery has fewer cycles, they are less likely to wear down. That means the battery can be charged more often, but it could also mean that a set amount of charge would last longer on your vehicle.

The average battery in a newer car lasts about 10 years, but the average battery life depends on how the owner takes care of it. If it is left fully-charged for four months, for example, that would be considered 100% remaining life and assume it will last an additional 500 cycles. A ‘cycle’ also refers to a discharge and charge cycle which places a strain on charged batteries due to lesser capacity.

Tesla vehicles, including all Model S’s, have battery life cycles. Every time the charge of the battery is drained by 50%, it will eventually stop working and a new 12- or 24-volt battery will have to be acquired. Tesla recommends they be charged every 100-200 cycles depending on driving style and personal preference.

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Methods of Reducing Battery Cycles

Reducing battery cycle count can be tough. Some methods that decrease battery usage include putting your phone on airplane mode, turning off sensors while in a car, and turning off your devices as soon as you’re done using them.

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Battery cycles are created when the battery is discharged, charged up, and discharged again. Reduce your battery cycles by using a timer to take turns on using the battery. This can also conserve your battery life by keeping it charged away from heavy use time.

Solutions with a Cellular Device

Cell phones typically have lithium-ion batteries, which have a long life. They are also less likely to be damaged by charge cycles than nickel-cadmium batteries. Unfortunately, a lithium-ion battery can only go through around 500 charge cycles before losing it capacity entirely and exploding. Lowering the number of charge cycles will reduce the amount to each one of the battery’s micro cells by helping increase its life span. Some solutions include turning on airplane mode or charging the device to 100% beforehand.

Working out of your home while on the go can be tough (especially if you like to work out at a gym). The best way to stay active while keeping your phone in your backpack is by using a mobile device. Instead of charging your phone by plugging it into the conventional outlet, opt for a low-power or have it tied thereto in order to reduce battery cycles.

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Car battery cycles decrease and battery life stops when a device you are using has to send and receive information. Cellular devices or Bluetooth, for example, can shorten a battery’s life just by being connected. The solutions vary from social media apps and weather tracking in order to using power saving settings on your phone.


Tesla manufactures a lot of their cars to models sold across the globe. As a company, they prioritize efficiency, and reduce the number of battery cycles that affect the vehicle in any way. This cuts down on production waste and increased time between replacement. Tesla insists that “no one needs more than one battery.”

Battery cycle count is the rate of how many times a battery can store and discharge current. This is an important measurement because it impacts the lifespan of a battery. You can reduce your battery cycle count by 80% by keeping your car in a garage or off the road at least 60% of the time and letting it sit. After travelling to this extreme, put your car’s parking brake on and turn off all other electrical accessories as you accelerate through an intersection.

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