How To Reset Battery Count On Macbook Pro

The MacBook Pro battery life can be extremely short, specially every day when we use our laptops. One way to manage the battery’s charge is to reset the battery count for your MacBook Pro. The process can be done by holding down the power button on your MacBook and restarting it 7 times.

How to Reset Battery Count on Mac

Resetting your MacBook Pro’s battery count allows you to view the remaining percentage of battery capacity. You should always keep track of this and be conscientious so you will know when it’s time to charge your system.

When you are using your laptop and it suddenly steps out at fifty dollars, some of the best things to do are try a hard power down, take out the battery, or gently reset the power state. This is because when a laptop is running on battery power, it will use different voltage cradles to turn on. When turning the laptop back on, if it’s not the same as their last sixty-watt bootup they may consume six times more od energy than if they had booted up normally.

The batteries on Apple laptops can have their capacity restored in case they start losing power when they require only minimal recharging. This includes the MacBook Air and Retina MacBook Pro. The steps are simple and involve opening the lid to let the hot air out and to close it again then pressing and holding Option-Command-P+R whilst simultaneously clicking the power button once.

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Turning Off the Power

Resetting the battery gauge on a Macbook is not as simple as it could be. However, this process is helpful if you want to make sure you have more power in your Macbook. All you need to do is turn of the power for 10 seconds and then turn it back on.

The macbook has a battery count feature that shows how many hours of battery life left before it shuts down. Turning Off the Power will reset the number back to 100%.

MacBook Pro batteries have a built in power management system that shuts down the battery when the laptop is not in use to conserve power and avoid possible damage. This means that you’ll be required to carry an external charger when travelling around as the computer won’t function.

Checking Mac Battery Status

Sometimes our MacBook Pro’s battery can run out of power for various reasons. So how do we effectively check that the battery is still operational on our device? When you plug your device in to any outlet, you will see a status light next to the power cable. You may also be able to check the battery activity in your device’s settings or under system information. However, it is easy for MacBooks with removable batteries to reset this count. Opening up your laptop can also help if you are experiencing charging issues.

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Whenever the laptop’s battery gets low, you should charge it immediately. There are many ways to recharge a dead battery. Your best bet is usually getting a replacement for your old battery in order to have a fresh one. However, if that isn’t an option and you run out of options, there is one other thing you can do: resetting the number of cells on your MacBook Pro’s battery.

To learn more about your MacBook battery and how to check it, head to settings. From there, open up the settings menu, find the “power” tab, and select “battery.” What you’ll see are five icons: one for when your battery is 100%, 80%, 40%, 20% or 0%. If you’re using a MacBook Pro, use the charger that came with it for accurate battery life


The operating system can be reset.

All of these methods pose a risk to the internal components. To keep your laptop safe, make sure to turn it off before you perform any replacements or repairs.

After completing these steps, your battery life should last longer. These are some of the helpful tips that will help you to extend your laptop’s battery life on Mac.

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