How To Reset Battery Cycle Count Macbook

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What is the battery cycle count macbook

The battery cycle count macbook is a function of the computer that tells how many times your computer has been powered on and off already. Resetting the cycle count on a macbook will renew the battery, which is usually necessary if your laptop ever seems to be acting out or slow. To open up the system properties window in order to reset this, you can go to your “Apple” file browser, then “System Information”, then click on either “Battery” or “Power Manager”. You can also use your keyboard’s command “⌘+Esc” to access these options.

The battery cycle count is a number that lets you know how much time has passed since your MacBook was first turned on. This number shows up on the right hand side of the status bar in your MacBook’s “Spotlight” which is a feature that allows you to access your personal and work notifications. You are able to reset your indicator by clicking and dragging the small cylinder beneath the progress bar, or further down beneath the battery indicator.

The battery cycle count is a running number the icon on your MacBook notebook laptop indicates that the device has experienced these changes: cycled too many times to track, swelled, or other indicator of time passed. You can reset this counter by removing power from the computer for at least 60 seconds and then reconnecting it again.

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How to reset your battery cycle count macbook

Sometimes batteries can lose their memory and cannot hold charges as well. If they start to void quickly, you need to reset the device’s battery life cycle count. Battery life cycle counts are not always exact because of variables in the making. It’s best to reset it if problems arise with the battery life.

You may have heard that if your battery cycle count becomes too high or too low, you might need to replace it. Currently there is no known reason for resetting this counter, however resetting your battery cycle count will help your computer restore its calibration and prevent your computer from suddenly needing a new battery.

To reset your battery indicator count, you typically hold the power cable for about two seconds before releasing. Sometimes Resetting will clear a calibration issue so that the battery indicator monitor screen is correct.


Depending on the type of MacBook you have, there are certain things you can do to reset the battery cycle count. For example, if your MacBook has a built-in lithium-ion battery and only has one magnetic attach point while your MBM1497 uses an integrated lithium-ion battery and two magnetic attach points, you may want to check the screws that hold the batteries in place. If they are loose or corroded, remove them before trying to transfer them.

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This MacBook Pro lives on your desk and works like a charm, doesn’t it? There is nothing wrong with the power inverter; however, you have a battery that needs to be manually reinstated.

Another important thing to look at is how often does your Macbook battery has been charged. I recommend checking your battery cycle count so that you may decide if it’s time to replace the battery.

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