How To Reset Dell Laptop Battery Cycle Count

This article will teach you how to reset your Dell laptop battery cycle counter. A blog that talks about the causes and solutions in a step-by-step process will help you understand what is going on with your battery and why.

What is the Dell Battery Cycle Count?

If a laptop battery starts to drain quickly, there could be some hidden problems. Dell laptops have different battery cycle counts for the two extreme levels of power loss: fully charged and discharged. For this subdivision, there are varies numbers of discharges with a full charge and may vary from 2 to 8 cycles. A cycle is defined as starting from 100% charge, going down to 0, and then charging back up to 100%.

How to Reset Dell Laptop Battery Cycle Count?

If you have a Dell laptop and want to know when the battery cycle count is approaching its end or has reached it, here are some tips on how to reset the cycle count.

What is the “Last known good charge” and what it means

In order to maintain the longest possible battery life and performance, a laptop will typically charge for approximately 20 minutes. This session is recorded as a “cycle” or “charge”. After each cycle, the laptop stores its current state so if it’s plugged in, it won’t need to run a full charge again when it’s first turned on. Once it reaches the desired amount of cycles (e.g., 200 cycles), the laptop enters E-standby mode and only charges periodically (not on every cycle) while using very little power at all.

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7 Ways to Extend Dell Laptop Battery Life

As with most rechargeable battery technologies, the performance of an electric battery is affected by various factors. Managing these factors (such as maintaining proper charging and usage) can greatly extend a laptop battery life span. Here are 7 ways to extend Dell laptop battery life:
– Charge your laptop overnight
– Store your laptop indoors
– Recharge it in time before the computer will turn off automatically
– Avoid unnecessary activities like watching videos that could increase power consumption
– Disconnect from the laptop when disconnected from unused power sources such as an outlet/wall plug
– Unplug any unnecessary equipment connected to your laptop

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