How To Reset Hp Laptop Battery Cycle Count

Ever since laptop batteries were invented, they have been battery cycled many, many times. This is how a computer scientist would tackle the problem- charge the battery until it reaches 100%, then use the battery until it drops to 95% where it will be charged again. But what if you don’t want to go through this process manually? Fortunately, there’s an app for that!

What is the HP battery cycle count

The HP battery cycle count is a measure of the time the battery spends on each one of its charge cycles. The cycle starts fresh when you turn your laptop device on, and charged when the laptop computer draws a specific amount of current. When this chart ends up at zero, it is time to replace the battery because it will no longer be able to hold a full charge.

How to reset the HP laptop battery cycle count

The HP laptop battery cycle count is a function that counts how many times the laptop battery has been drained and charged. When the number reaches 1,000 years without being changed, this will reset your count to zero and end the cycle. This can prove helpful for shopping purposes if you need to exchange a laptop battery. If you don’t change it for about four or five days in a row, you should probably do it soon after that anyways.

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Problems with HP laptops

HP laptops can have laptop batteries with cycle count included in the battery’s sensor. If the point at which your laptop battery is at has reached, the laptop will be recognized by your PC. This cycle count ensures that your battery will not lose power or produce too much heat while in use. You can reset this cycle count yourself if you notice a problem and want to warranty or promote your laptop battery’s health.


In summary, the user can charge their battery to 100% readiness. They can then discharge it down to 20%. That process is repeated for five cycles, which will reset the computer’s charge cycle counter.

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