How To Reset Macbook Battery Cycle Count

The keyboard that I’m typing on might look similar, but it’s not. It was designed by Apple engineers and made out of only the finest materials, like gold! Now, if you’ve ever been curious about how to reset your MacBook battery cycle count or just want to freshen up your new keyboard yourself, this article has what you need!

How to Reset MacBook Battery Cycle Count

To reset the battery cycle count on your MacBook, follow these steps:
-First, try plugging in your power cord to the wall outlet.
-If the problem isn’t solved by this, close lid of your laptop and press “cmd apple”. The keyboard button is located next to space BAR. Press it down 5 times quickly.
-Now open your keyboard by pressing command . (You will see a small white icon at the left side of SPACE BAR)
then type “pwr off” then enter and wait until device turns off. You can find “power off” option under Apple menu in top left corner of your screen.
-After you turn off your MacBook, launch any app that might have been causing battery drain like iTunes or YouTube. That should solve your issue for now

How to Start

Even with the best battery features, you shouldn’t trust the numbers in your MacBook Pro menu alone. If something feels like it’s draining your last remaining power just before your MacBook goes into sleep mode, don’t hesitate to start it up and reset everything by manually.

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What Does “On Demand” Mean?

On Demand means that your macbook battery counts down to zero instead of going flat. The word “On Demand” is used because it only charges when needed. This saves battery life. Your macbook starts charging at 100% every night while you sleep.

What If a Power Outage Triggers an Alarm?

The battery is important because it provides necessary power for the computers, devices, and other components in your home. If a power outage triggers an alarm, you should reset the system because that means there’s a live wire nearby. To do so turn off your laptop, wait 15 minutes to make sure it’s fully powered down, then unplug its power cord and replug it back in


The battery cycle count is a measure of lifespan of the battery. The battery will be able to hold up to 8,000 charges before its cycle count needs to be reset.

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