How To Reset The Cycle Count On A Lenovo Flex 5 Battery

When your laptop battery stops charging, you can usually still get a few more hours (or minutes) out of it by resetting the internal computers. Sometimes this process doesn’t work and other times the laptop gets even slower than before, making it very difficult to open programs and your laptop crashes under load. This article from Gmario shows you how to do the reset on you Lenovo Flex 5.

what is cycle count on a Lenovo Flex 5 battery

The cycle count on a Lenovo Flex 5 battery is the total number of times the battery has been fully charged and recharged. The cycle count happens almost every time that you plug or unplug the device because while it is plugged in, the current flows through the battery and charges it up so that it can start working again. The higher the cycle count, then more times has to pass until the battery is fully charged again; this means that your laptop won’t last as long if the cycle count reaches 1000.

Lenovo Flex 5 batteries have a cycle count which is the number of times the battery has been fully recharged. The cycle count indication on the battery is usually marked with the letter C in black and white though there are exceptions to this. If you turn the laptop off before recharging it, then turning it back on will update this indicator to reflect the new charge cycle. Many people disable these indicators when they don’t want to see them because they’re confusing and hard to navigate, created a running tab that was updated often.

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Lenovo batteries are usually rated in terms of cycles. One cycle is equal to the discharge and recharge of a fully-charged battery. Of course, there are different types of topologies that can change how the battery discharges and then charges, so it’s best to consult the manufacturer’s recommendations.

how to reset the cycle count on a Lenovo Flex 5 battery

In order to know when you need to charge your batteries, you would want them to start the charging process once they are full. When this happens, your battery goes from being full, to halfway charged and back to empty over and over again. You can avoid this cycle if you take some steps. First of all, make sure that your battery is covered by an active warranty plan. If you don’t have a satisfaction guarantee on your purchase, consider purchasing a warranty. It will include protection against the warranty-period cycles on both battery and laptop parts. Once you connect it with the charger, your battery will enter the charging period and double its energy in just three hours…

A lithium-ion battery performs best when cycled at a higher load and then allowed to sit and discharge to a lower load. To reset the cycle count, unplug the power cord from the outlet, wait one minute, then plug it back in and turn on the machine.

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Lenovo’s Lenovo batteries come with a cycle count that chronicling the number of times you charge and discharge your battery. When this runs out, your notebook won’t power up even though it sounds like it. This will result in the battery being less effective in giving your laptop the power it needs. The easiest way to reset a cycle count is by removing and re-inserting your battery back into our system.

what should I do if my Lenovo Flex 5 battery has a low cycle count

Unfortunately, this battery can die and when it does, Lenovo will replace the battery for you. However, if your battery has a very low cycle count, you will have to reset the cycle count on the battery yourself. There are several ways to do this but the easiest is to take your charger cord and part with one end in hot water. This will effectively reset the cycle count on your battery.

Finding out you have a low cycle count on your battery is not uncommon. One of the most common way to reset the cycle count is to discharge and recharge the battery for about 10 – 12 hours. This process may need to be repeated up to 3 times, each time for about 10 hours before the process can stop.

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If the cycle count on a LENOVO Flex 5 battery reaches the starting point and it does not start automatically, it will be necessary for you to either replace the battery or buy a new charger.


To reset the number of cycles you’ll need to take the battery out and then put it back in again. The next step is putting the laptop on a flat surface, firm but soft enough to fit your palm. Bend the tip of one of your fingers slightly, insert it into the slot between the bottom and top of battery, push gently against any protruding tabs on the side of battery.

Although lithium-ion battery will be able to hold power for a long time, it is still possible that the cycle count becomes inaccurate. This happens when the battery is overcharged or discharged. If you take out the battery from your laptop and recharge it again, the cycle count will return to its original value.

Self-contained Li-ion battery. Lenovo Flex 5 Battery can be fully charged and discharged up to 500 times. Cycle count can be reset on the battery using lenovo’s Physical Self-Discharge Control (PSDC) system which reduces side-reactions and extends battery capacity lifetime by a factor of 3.

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