How To See Battery Count On Mac

Your battery is a crucial part of your computer. Consumers have to be educated on how to limit their battery usage in order to avoid burst mode and the risk of overheating giving them the opportunity to repair it in an effective, efficient manner.

Battery on Mac

In the menu bar on a Mac computer, you can find an icon with a battery and an input bar. Checking the input bar will tell you how much battery there is left. This will let you know if you need to charge your device or if it’s possible that your Mac computer might not be able to turn on in the morning

Mac computers are equipped with computing power, long battery life, and space for your work. Battery life is a specific concern for Mac users. There are many ways to determine how much battery life your Mac has left, so you can plan for what you need and carry power adapters.

Mac computers often have a battery indicator icon in the top right corner of your computer screen. The usefulness of this icon may make you wonder what other information it supplies. The battery indicator icon can provide estimates of your power remaining, but not the exact number. To be able to see the exact numbers, hold down the power button in the top right corner of your computer screen and select “About This Mac.”

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Battery not Charging
How to Fix

Beside the battery icon, you should see three bars of electricity. Each bar goes from 0% to 100%. When one of the squares falls out of reach, you will know that your battery has reached a 40% or lower charge and is unable to charge. Typically this happens when your charger is not attached properly or has been left unattended for extended periods of time without being used. To fix this problem:

If you ever find yourself wondering, ‘how will I know when it’s time to replace the battery on my MacBook or other computer,’ here is a simple way to see your current battery charge. Open up Energy Saver on your Mac and look in the menu bar for Power. The number next to Power should change color according to your battery charge.

If your MacBook battery doesn’t charge, you may want to do a system restart. This will wipe most of the data and settings on your computer and give it a fresh start. If that doesn’t work, it might be because of hardware issues or other software problems. You can also connect your computer to an external power source or into another laptop or desktop via its charging port.

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Keyboard Tips

In addition to displaying the battery percentage on your mac, it is also possible to check the battery level by pressing F2. This will reveal the number of usage hours on your mac. These should be used in tandem with your old-fashioned watch or iPhone charger app to track your otherwise invisible energy consumption.

There are many different keyboard commands that can be used to quickly verify battery life. You can type “Caps Laptop” or “Volume -” respectively to see your battery capacity and audio volume. You can also use the power chord to check the battery capacity as well. Typing an uppercase letter followed by a lowercase letter will produce the status of that key on your keyboard instead

It’s hard to see the battery percentage sometimes. Here are some quick tips for seeing that information on your MacBook Pro’s keyboard
1. Option + Right Arrow will jump you to a few options 2. Use the F4 key to cycle through different power items like Battery, Time, WiFi 3. Shift+Right arrow will show how long it has been since the laptop was plugged in


In conclusion, i was able to see the battery count on my MacBook by using a Safari browser. If you use multiple browsers, these steps can be used with most web browsers.

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Some complications I ran into with getting my new MacBook Pro’s serial number to register and show up as a battery charge were resolved by ignoring the problem.

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