How To View Battery Cycle Count In Betterbatterystats

In under a minute, you can see your battery cycle count for the year! Better still, most of the information is in plain language easy enough for anyone to understand.

How to view battery cycle count

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Battery cycle count refers to how many times a lithium-ion battery can be charged or discharged before it becomes significantly less efficient. Continuously charging and discharging a battery without being periodically recharged quickly leads to a declining battery life. It is important to allow your phone or laptop to rest in order to ensure its longevity.

One of the most important things to do when you have a smart phone is to view the battery cycle count. The battery cycle count is how many times your battery has been charged or discharged since it was last full. The more your battery cycles, the lower its lifespan will be. Hopefully, with this information you can prevent this by changing your habits. What kind of habits are you?

Types of use cases for betterbatterystats

The five most recently used batteries can also be seen. A custom time frame or low/high usage trend of a battery can also be seen. Battery cycles are counted by the system and only a discharge count is displayed

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There are many different use cases for betterbatterystats. It can be used to compare battery cell cycles to the overall battery capacity and lifetime. The app can also be used during a usage cycle to optimize charge/discharge rates.

Battery cycle count for Energy Star appliances is a great way to track how much energy you are using on your devices and see trends. You can also find out how effective your device’s power management system is over time.

Betterbatterystats pluses and minuses

BetterBatteryStats is a website run by well-known manufacturer, Silver Peak. It was created to help consumers identify which batteries have the best run time. They offer these stats on a per amp hour basis, as well as an overall rating on the percentage of life remaining. The system has some drawbacks though, like it doesn’t differentiate between lithium batteries that are used for phones and ones designed for cars. This means that if you are going to use betterbatterystats to evaluate overall battery life, you will want to look into how long your car battery can handle.

Battery cycle count is a battery’s lifetime, starting from when it was manufactured. In some cases, manufacturers use higher quality parts to make the potential for as high battery life as possible but batteries are treated before use, which decreases their life significantly. Battery cycle count tells you the potential battery life that you might get out of a 4600 mAh battery you buy at 7-Eleven for $4 instead of the 10500 mAh battery available on Amazon for $199

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Betterbatterystats is useful when trying to find the best battery for your car or looking for a new one. That’s why this article is broken down into pluses and minuses of each battery resource.


The battery cycle count in BetterBatteryStats is a very useful tool that gives iPhone users information about the power and health of their batteries. The cycle count reports can also be printed out and given to shops or to Apple support staff if more information is needed. Tool uses BC, “the unit of measuring volume of rechargeable lithium ion batteries, which represents the sum of charge an average battery cell can take, typically between 100-250 cycles”

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