Macbook Pro How To Find Battery Cycle Count

Are you wondering when your battery life will be flat? The Battery Life section of the System Information window will let you know. Did you have the same usage patterns from before this change or did something happen in the world that actually drains your battery power more quickly?

What is battery cycle count?

What is battery cycle count? This can be a difficult question to answer. A battery’s cycle count is the number of times that it has been charged and discharged. A portion of the cycles consists of charge/discharge times where there is no input power from the AC outlet, which are included because they don’t exactly equate to how many days the battery is ‘new.’ So, if the user unplugged their laptop after every use or rarely used it while plugged in and then left it plugged in 24/7 when they were not using it, they would have a higher cycle count.
As an example, if a laptop had a 400-cycle cycle count at tapering phase 2 and went through tapering phase 3 8 cycles later after being used once or twice and then left unplugged or seldom used while plugged in, leaving it on 24/7 while on tapering phase 4 would result in having a much lower cycle count of approximately 217.

A battery cycle is a complete series of internal power conversion processes used to turn energy into electrical energy. The number of the battery cycles recorded varies depending on how much the battery is charged and discharged.

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To answer this question, let’s remove our battery and count all of the cells. We’ll find that for a typical laptop with an AA battery lithium ion one and keep in mind that it’s around 2500 mAh.

How to find battery cycle count

The battery cycle count tells you how many times the battery has “passed through your hands.” This is a good number to use for comparing different batteries of different age. If you are not too sure what a restored battery cycle count is see this blog post on

There are several ways to find battery cycle count for your MacBook Pro. The easiest way is to enlarge the battery icon on your computer’s bottom bar as well as at the top of the screen when you open it up. This will allow you to see your approximate number of cycles completed by dots. You can also check by typing “system information” and searching for “System Information>Energy>Battery Cycle Count.” Finally, it is possible to use the Apples system update option, but keep in mind that sometimes these updates can also lead to system issues if not done correctly.

To determine when your MacBook Pros battery needs replacement, find the number of “cycles” that the battery has been through. This is usually found on a label near the power symbol. An icon will also be displayed how many hours the alternator has powered your machine. By default, this information should be updated every 12 weeks.

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Battery Cycle Count table

When your laptop battery is running low and you are trying to replace the battery, you might have a hard time determining which one you need. There is a table of all the models on the Apple website that tells you which model battery corresponds with.

The battery cycle count table illustrates how intensely the MacBook Pro’s battery is charged depending on the intervals at which it replenished power in less than a second. It is to be noted that a number of these intervals can vary depending on how hard the steps are. The interval between power replenishments should not exceed 0.7 seconds to minimize risks

The MacBook Pro has a battery cycle count table next to the battery percentage. This tells the user the number of times where the laptop was plugged in during use. These cycles should be tracked over time for users to figure out when it is best to replace their laptop’s battery pack.


Battery cycle count is a good indicator of the overall health and longevity of your MacBook Pro. The battery life will slowly drop as the batch keep decreasing or some major system-revision upgrades were made that might increase power usage and shorten battery life.

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Some cheap laptops that use lithium-ion batteries have a battery cycle count. These will usually display on the right-hand corner or sometimes in the battery icon that appears in the bottom left of your screen. Battery cycle counts generally increase when the laptop is not used for a long period of time or when it’s hibernating to save battery life.

There are many ways to find your battery cycle count. If a laptop is doing too much work for you, it may be because the battery cycle count has reached its end. First, press and hold Command Shift I and click on the battery icon on the system tray located in your computer screen. There will be a number under “battery”. Here, we can find out how many times it’s been charged since the last time it was plugged in or how long ago it was charged last. This information is saved at alternating cycles of 10 minutes, so instead of finding out how many cycles have passed since it last had a charge, you’ll want to divide this number by 5 for five minute intervals with 10-minute increments between them.

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