What Battery Do I Need For My Key Fob

While this article is not written in a technical language intended for computer programmers, it does cover the basics of battery power and components required for electronics. It provides basic tips about battery life, including what to do if your electronic device starts to die on you too soon.

What Size Battery Does My Remote Need?

The batteries that are used for key fobs are typically AAA or AA batteries. If you have a remote just like the kind you would use to program a garage door opener, one set of batteries can power it up and open your garage door. The key fob usually has instructions on how long the batteries need to last when they are in the device, but figure around 60-120 minutes.

In order to use your remote, you need batteries. Your remote has a battery pack, and then there is one or two batteries that sit in each car that also needs a battery pack. If you have a remote for 6 cars, for example, then you will need six of the smaller size installed, but have 10 batteries left over! This means everyone can just grab one of the extra batteries and use it on the 7th car when the time comes.

The type of battery your alarm key has depends on the size of batteries that come with it. Usually, an AAA battery will power a wireless key fob that is 30-40 feet away. However, if you have a remote that is 70-80 feet away instead of using an AAA you can use a CR1632 3V coin cell battery.

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Power vs. Capacity: What’s the Difference?

Key fobs with power come equipped with a built-in battery that can last up to three years before needing a replacement. Removing the key fob when it’s empty will drain the batteries power, which leads to them shrinking in size. If you’re looking for extra battery life and don’t feel like replacing your key fob every few months, consider purchasing an 18650 3.7V lithium-ion rechargeable lithium battery because they have more capacity than power and can last about 5 years or longer.

A battery (or other power source) stores electricity. To give you a comparison point, think of a water pump that can create two gallons of water per minute, but has to be switched off for 40 minutes between each use to allow enough time for the pump to recharge. What type of batteries are more energy-efficient than the other? A battery that’s able to switch its power on quickly and set lots of small pumps working at the same time is more efficient than one that takes forever to charge and requires lots of shut offs.

Power is measured in watt-hours where capacity is measured in amp-hours. Amps nominally mean ampere which is the SI unit of charge and amps are used as a measure of electrical load. Your battery will have a certain amount of power and it will also have a certain capacity. Generally speaking, the higher the power, the more you can run your devices such as a key fob for about an hour. However, if you need to run your device for longer than one hour then you should look into ensuring that you purchase a larger battery with higher capacity.

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Key Fob Battery Recommendation

The key fob battery should be as large as the key battery but not larger. Replacing these two batteries may be done by swapping out just one key fob battery and only changing the one attached to your drivers license.
Using this information, customer want to know what size battery they need for their key fob. The key-fob needs a standard AA lithium ion battery.

Below is a list of key fob batteries and the type of car they can be used with. You will need to match the battery with your key fob as not all models are compatible. – Traction Fob Size: Standard
– Traction Fob Battery Type: 3v Lithium
– Traction Wheel Fob Size: Mini

The batteries that you use with your key fob depend on the distance that you will need to travel. If you plan on driving just a few blocks, then a set of small, but powerful lithium ion batteries are ideal. The more you plan on driving in a day, the more powerful your key fob battery will be. In some cases these key fob batteries also charge when connected like an external charger for your smartphone


This article talks about how batteries need to stay cool or they will overheat and die. If a battery is overheating, it may be responsible for ruining the inside of an engine as well as damaging onboard computers. BMW vehicles use two or four AA batteries.

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The car needs the battery to be able to turn on the lights or open the trunk or the house’s door. The cost of this material cannot be too high, and it must fit in the key fob well.

There is no one size fits all answer when it comes to battery size. Depending on the make and model of your car; you may want a larger or smaller than average battery. There are typically a couple of things you should look for when choosing a key fob battery. First, how often will you need to replace is? If it is only once every 5-6 years, then an inexpensive NiMH type of battery would be great. On the other hand, if you have to change your key fob batteries weekly, then an advanced technology lithium ion cell may be what you are looking for.

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